10 work-from-home careers you should know about

Even a few years ago, working from home seemed like a perk for freelancers, not for the rest of us. However, with the constant evolution of technology, more and more jobs can now be performed remotely.

While you can’t put out fires on Slack or fix cars on Zoom, you can perform a number of tasks remotely. If you’re hoping to work remotely, here’s a look at some home-based careers that are in demand because they pay wages comparable to on-site jobs.

1. Blogger or writer

You no longer have to choose between a profitable career and your love for writing. With most businesses striving to develop an online presence in the digital world, writing jobs are in high demand.

If you want to get your foot in the door, starting with blogging might be a good idea. If you’re persuasive, you can try writing, and if you’re tech-savvy, technical writing might be a good choice. With the rise of digital products, UX (User Experience) writing is a booming field. Your problem-solving skills and technical skills can come in handy.

Interestingly, there is one skill that unites all successful writers: they must master the use of technology and be able to leverage it from start to finish.

2. Digital Marketing Consultant

A digital marketing consultant develops, implements and monitors a company’s online marketing strategies. They focus on creating marketing initiatives and play a crucial role in understanding a company’s target audience and their behavior.


Their job is to create a high-converting sales strategy that helps grow your business through strategy, planning, and the effective use of digital tools and techniques.

3. Virtual Assistant

A virtual assistant does everything from research, scheduling appointments to creating presentations. While some positions may focus solely on administrative tasks such as billing clients and managing calendars, others may require writing and social media management skills.

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Most virtual assistants work with multiple clients at once, from a location that works best for them. In this regard, the career offers flexibility and versatility to job seekers.

4. Web Search Evaluator

A number of companies hire web search evaluators to provide feedback on Internet search results. To elaborate, a web search evaluator helps companies assess whether Internet search results are accurate, timely, and complete. Generally popular as a work-from-home position, web search evaluator roles don’t require a lot of experience.

a person browsing the web

It can be quite a rewarding option for people interested in computing, research, analysis, and market trends. They rate websites, videos, web pages, maps, and images against a key performance indicator (KPI) to demonstrate how well the website or image ranks in search results on the Internet.

5. Captionist

As a captionist, your job is to transcribe pre-recorded live audio, video and television programs. You must be able to type accurately and quickly to become a captionist.

Although part of your job involves transcribing parts, captioning involves specialized transcription and is perfect for people who want work from home that isn’t entirely mainstream. Also called steno captionists, captionists use stenotypes and phonetic keyboards for accuracy.

6. Web Developer

Not so long ago, web developer roles were on-premises roles. However, with the popularity of digital nomads and remote roles, web developer positions are now better suited to a work-from-home career. As a web developer or programmer, your job is to create software and applications by writing code, debugging it, and deploying it.

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You use one or more programming languages ​​to create a product or service, or specific parts of it. While web developers operate in agile teams, each has specific tasks assigned to them.

With almost every business now having dedicated social media accounts, social media managers are in demand. Companies hire them to maintain their accounts or develop a comprehensive social media strategy involving everything from social media campaigns to brand voice development.

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If you’re creative, have new ideas, and are proficient with new digital tools and media, social media management might be right for you. You will be responsible for increasing engagement, social media traffic and brand recognition. Many social media managers work for a number of companies because the position is flexible and remote.

8. Online Educator

The role of an online educator is identical to that of traditional teachers in developing curriculum, monitoring student performance, and teaching specific subjects and specializations. The main difference is in the environment in which educators operate.

Perfect for anyone with a teaching degree or basic skills specialization, online educators teach students through online platforms such as Zoom, Google Meet, or Microsoft Teams.

9. Graphic designer

As most businesses attempt to increase their digital presence, the demand for good graphic designers in computer systems design and related services is on the rise.

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Almost all graphic design work is done remotely, giving designers the flexibility to work from wherever they choose. You can also create and sell templates, be a design consultant for a number of companies, or design fonts, premade logo packages, and printables.

10. Product Reviewer

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You can make a decent living, and that too from home, by reviewing the products you use. So, you need to start by picking a niche and signing up with a site that offers product review gigs. You need to come up with ideas for new products, review products, give feedback on ad campaigns, and more.

Companies also hire product reviewers to review products in the testing phase. They ship the products to you and pay you a mutually agreed amount in exchange for actual user feedback.

Work-from-home careers are fast becoming the norm

Work from home careers are only expected to increase as they are preferred by employees and employers. They increase productivity, decrease stress and enable better work-life balance for employees, while increasing revenue and reducing costs for employers.

The jobs listed above are just a few of the popular home careers jobs that are gaining traction. You should choose the one that best matches your skills, relevant experience, and areas of interest.

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Working from home can be a blessing and a curse. But with the right equipment, tools, and routines, working remotely can be amazing.

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