40% of SEOs will remove AMP after launching the Google page experience update

As you know, when the page experience update goes live (it’s delayed) AMP will no longer be a requirement to appear in featured articles. The buzz in the SEO news world is what will you do, delete the AMP pages, keep the old ones, continue with AMP, what will you do?

So Aleyda Solis published a poll on Twitter ask people what they are going to do and most of those who submitted responses said they would remove AMP pages from their sites. 41.2% said they would remove AMP pages and not add more, 35.3% said they would continue to add AMP pages and 23.4% said they would keep AMP pages existing without adding AMP pages.

Here is the tweet:

Now I suspect many will just test it. First try not to add AMP to the new stories they post and see what happens. Then they can see positive results and then see if they can remove AMP pages from maybe 10% of their pages and see what happens. Time will tell and it should be a slow process for everyone, don’t just check out AMP from your site on the day this update launches. Try it!

Forum discussion at Twitter.

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