5 free online resources for web designers

There are tons of free web resources that web designers can consider to build their toolkit.

And there’s always room to add a new favorite tool that makes it easier to do some of the facets of the design job. So take a look at this selection of resources that could become essential in your next project.


When you want to add eye-catching decorations to a web page that you are designing for presentation purposes, you may want to consider Blobs.

It is an online tool that allows you to generate “spots” through a panel of options that allows you to obtain dozens of creative combinations.


This tool follows a tool similar to Blobs, but with a much more complete proposal, since Haikei has more creative design generators.

Among these options we have customizable stain generators with multiple shapes, the ability to create layered waves, gradient and abstract backgrounds, “Low Poly” style grids, stackable or layered “peaks”, among others. possibilities.


HappyHues defines itself as an inspiration site for the color palettes of our projects. And the dynamics it applies is very simple.

In one of the columns the available color palette combinations are displayed, so we just need to select the one we are interested in and HappyHues will do the rest so that we can see what it looks like on the main page. And as a bonus you will also find additional guides, tips and advice related to the psychology of color.

Lorem Ipsum

When we need to use sample texts to fill areas of the website or blog we are designing, the most common is to use the well-known text from Lorem Ipsum.

This is a placeholder text generator. You will see that it allows you to specify whether you want to generate only words, sentences or paragraphs. Once these details are configured, all you have to do is copy the text and paste it into your project.

SVG backgrounds

SVG Backgrounds is a custom background generator that cannot be missed in your favorites. You will find tons of options to customize the colors, size and opacity of the chart. And then you can export it to SVG format.

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