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Allocating a budget for a website is always a difficult task. It is essential to work with all financial means while breaking these expenses down into appropriate tasks. Prioritization is a must and User Experience (UX) should be at the top of the list.

Focusing on website UX means getting your service users what they need, quickly and easily. When managing B2B communications and marketing, this is especially important.

A professional consumer looking for a product or service is probably looking to solve a problem or concern. This user lacks the time and patience to go through irrelevant texts, animations and videos in order to find a solution.

UX has been seen as an afterthought for too long. Let’s go over five reasons why businesses should pay attention to UX needs and direct the appropriate resources into the field.

1. Modifying a website design costs time and money

Creation of a new website can be exciting, but it’s an expensive process. Getting it right the first time is crucial.

If you fail to meet the demands and expectations of your audience, you will accumulate UX Debt. Such a concern needs to be corrected sooner or later, and the longer you leave it, the more expensive and intrusive a website redesign will become.

Bring professional expertise when designing your website’s UX strategy and don’t launch until it’s ready. Engage in constant testing, tweaking, and checking to make sure you don’t fall victim to basic pitfalls.

You will have to redesign your website at certain intervals. Nothing lasts forever and new UX trends will emerge. If you have a solid foundation, however, these adjustments are more likely to be minor and manageable. If a lower quality UX means a developer will have to recode your entire website, you are putting your business in a vulnerable position.

2. Accomplishing UX generates consumer loyalty

Brand loyalty should always be a priority in B2B business. It costs five times more to attract a new customer than generating repeat business from a current business.

Loyalty is essential in dealing with companies. Getting a contract with a large company can be time consuming and frustrating. The constant search for new clients is exhausting, especially if you are relying on such income for your cash flow.

If your UX design offers a simple, hassle-free approach to your customers, they’re much more likely to stick with you. A business is unlikely to fix what isn’t broken, and a positive UX can even go a long way in offsetting periodic price increases.

Making an effort to create a customer profile from the get-go and center your website’s UX on it will make life a lot more enjoyable for all parties.

3. Superior UX saves your business time

How much time does your business spend answering questions and solving problems? If these issues revolve around your online presence, you can eliminate the issues with premium UX website design.

Ways to save time, both for yourself and for your potential customers:

  • Strategically located FAQ pages to answer common queries
  • Chatbot software to handle initial user questions
  • A simple path down the sales funnel to accepting payments that eliminates the middleman
  • Contact forms that allow users to contact you by automated means, thereby reducing phone calls

No business will succeed if it eliminates all human contact with its customers; Yet a superior UX can ensure that automated website interactions are fun rather than chore.

4. UX and website SEO go hand in hand

All roads start with Google in the modern world, which means your Quality Score has to be accurate to enjoy SEO success. A solid and attractive UX reap the rewards a solid SEO strategy.

The days of Google’s algorithms that primarily dealt with keywords are long gone. Just as important in assigning a quality score today is user behavior.

Users who can navigate a website and easily find what they’re looking for are more likely to stick around. A messy and poorly designed website that does not meet the fundamentals of a great user experience is more likely to fall victim to the dreaded 15 second rule. As a result, your SEO score will drop and your website will slide down the rankings.

Incorporate UX concerns, including mobile usability and load speeds, into your forward budgeting. Spending a fortune on content creators is counterproductive if user experience is lacking. Users won’t stick around long enough to marvel at your compelling copy.

5. Superior UX design increases conversions

It is undeniable that the B2B market offers fewer impulse buying opportunities than the B2C. Impulsive behaviors are still present in the B2B sphere, although. A higher UX may not lead to an immediate conversion, but it does increase the chances of making a possible sale.

Consider the journey of a B2B consumer. Your potential customer is probably looking for a solution to a particular problem. However, just because users identify a pain point doesn’t mean they know how to fix it.

This is where UX design comes in. By recognizing and sympathizing with a business need, then making it clear that you can deliver the solution, you will gain immediate recognition as a useful resource.

A little patience is needed. Even if the users who discover your product are interested in a purchase, they will rarely be able to do so right away. Software compatibility, licensing and financial obligations all need to be discussed and agreed upon.

The important thing is that you have established a connection. While an emotional connection is less prevalent in B2B communications, you don’t hurt your prospects by bonding thanks to the website’s efficiency and useful user experience.

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It’s up to you to decide how much of your budget you’re willing to allocate to UX design when building a new business website. The European Business Review recommends 15-20% of your total project budget. If you’re prepared to make that investment, the long-term benefits of a great user experience will speak for themselves.

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