5 reasons your website may have a high bounce rate and how to fix it

No webmaster or business owner wants a high bounce rate. This is one of the most important metrics and when high it can have a huge negative effect on your business.

Your bounce rate determines the percentage of visitors who land on your website, but go somewhere else without viewing any of your other pages. If it is high, it means that your visitors, for some reason, are leaving your website without further checking it. He didn’t give them the answers, the products or the services they were looking for.

So what reasons could lead to a high bounce rate on your website? This article takes a look at the five most common.

  1. Obsolete web design
    A high bounce rate is usually attributed to the website in one way or another, and a website creation is just one of those factors. People love to see a website that looks updated regularly, is fresh, and has a beautiful design. Your website design also reflects your business, so if it looks tired, it makes your business appear unprofessional or uninterested.

    The only solution is to redesign your website. You should do this every few years if you value your visitors. Website designers like Editor X offer an affordable and efficient way to do this.

  2. Your site is slow to load
    Many visitors will bounce back to a web page if it takes longer than a few seconds to load. Not only that, but the speed of the site is something that Google takes into account in its ranking algorithm. Search engines want websites to have a good user experience, so if slow loading sites do the opposite, they will rank lower than fast loading ones.
    Finding the cause of slow web page loading isn’t always easy, but there are definitely things you can do to help. Tools such as Google PageSpeed ​​Insights can help locate any problem, but other than that compressing images and reducing the number of scripts your website uses will make a difference.
  3. Low quality website content
    You’ve done the hard part of getting visitors to your site only to disappear once they see the quality of your content. This is a common reason for a high bounce rate on millions of websites. A user wants to visit your site and see content that meets their needs.

    Try not to use too many direct advertisements or spam your website content with keywords. Instead, create valuable content that gives your visitors what they’re looking for. Also, make sure the content is easy to read, error-free, and accurate. Bad writing not only turns away customers, but also negatively affects your search engine ranking positions. Go over all of your content to see if you can find ways to improve it.

  4. Your site is not optimized for mobile devices
    If you neglect your mobile visitors, they will go elsewhere. The accessibility of the website is different on mobile devices. While your site may load on devices with smaller screens, it won’t provide a user-friendly experience. Size is off, it may be difficult to click buttons or navigate your site, or users may experience zooming issues.
    We now use mobile devices more than computers to connect to the internet, so it makes sense that we want to visit sites that give us the best user experience. To make sure your website is optimized for mobile devices, use a self-responsive web design. This self-responsive software detects the device that visitors are using and delivers your pages in the best possible way.
  5. Blank pages or technical errors
    If your bounce rate increases dramatically in a short period of time, it indicates some kind of technical error on your website. Most of the above reasons will cause your bounce rate to increase, but blank pages or errors will cause your bounce rate to rise to exceptionally high levels.

    Maybe your page isn’t loading at all or is giving users a 404 a message. If your site is small enough, this is easy to detect because you can just check the pages yourself. Just be sure to test the pages on several different devices and browsers. If your site is larger and has many pages, Google Search Console may provide you with a faster alternative.

Takeaway meals

If you want to improve conversions and ultimately your bottom line, your website needs as low a bounce rate as possible. Always look for ways to improve your bounce rate either through the above reasons or through optimize your content and the overall user experience for visitors.

There are many factors that you can attribute a high bounce rate to, but the reasons we listed above will be the cause of most. If your bounce rate is high, go through the reasons above to see if you can locate the cause.

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