8 tech tips for skilled Africans

Web development

According to Skill Crush, web development is profitable and a long-lasting entry point into technology. It’s a quick way to make money in the tech industry with creative projects outside normal working hours. While many businesses require the services of a developer, creative Africans with website development skills can generate passive income-generating websites.

So whether you are in Nigeria, Cameroon, South Africa, Ghana or Kenya, consider lucrative web development as a secondary hustle. Moreover, you can generate income by offering freelance web development services on Upwork, Fiverr, Freelancer, Indeed, etc.

Creation of websites

According to Web Designer Depot, a career in web design is lucrative and a great asset for any skilled professional. With many companies hiring website developers, skilled Africans can earn a decent income designing websites. If you can create a sensible website layout and are proficient with image editing and mockup tools, this side hustle idea is for you.

Skilled African professionals can combine development and design skills to earn extra money in the tech industry. Also, you can make money by offering freelance services and selling web design courses online.

Consulting in search engine optimization (SEO)

According to SEO North, search engine optimization consulting is lucrative, especially with the internet’s crucial role in all facets of life. Search engine optimization is a technological specialty that qualified Africans can learn and earn money as consultants.

The idea is to research keywords, analyze website traffic and trends, and improve websites with available information. If you can improve website rankings with search engines like Google and Yahoo, this side hustle idea is for you. Additionally, proficiency in Google Analytics, Webtrends, and NetInsight streamlines the process, making it ideal for Africans.


According to Smart Blogger, Copywriting brings petro-money because it is an ideal way to earn money by selling products and services to potential customers. Copywriters make a good living in the writing industry as their role is to facilitate sales and revenue in a business venture.

If you can research keywords and write and proofread engaging copy for advertising purposes, consider copywriting a passive income idea. You can earn money by producing consistent and engaging copy for different advertising channels. Also, collaborating with companies and offering freelance services is a quick way to generate income through writing.

Social Media Manager

According to The Balance Small Business, managing social media is lucrative, but profits depend on demographics and platform size. Social media management is a million dollar industry with endless lucrative opportunities, and Africans can benefit from it.

This parallel hustle idea is for Africans who can oversee a company’s public interactions and implement social strategies for business growth. Skilled Africans can earn a decent living by planning digital campaigns for the online community and identifying customer interaction trends. Moreover, you can earn money by analyzing engagement data without national barriers.

Technical support

According to TechRepublic, starting a career in tech support is lucrative and satisfying, with endless earning opportunities. Skilled Africans can generate passive income by analyzing and solving technical problems. This bustle idea is for you if you can identify hardware and software solutions and diagnose and resolve technical issues.

You can earn money on your extra time by troubleshooting network issues, installing and configuring hardware and software, and engaging customers to find a solution to problems. Also, a career in technical support is available to anyone, regardless of their level of experience.

video editor

According to Indeed, a career in video editing pays off with innovative concepts and opportunities always on the horizon. Video editing is a lucrative technology business for passionate, detail-oriented professionals. If you can stitch together raw footage and transfer or download files to a computer, consider a career in video editing.

Skilled Africans can make a passive income with video editing by following a plan or script and introducing sound and graphics to enhance the images. Moreover, you can earn a decent income as a freelance video editor.

QA tester

According to Careerist, quality assurance testing is one of the happiest and highest paying jobs in the tech industry. Skilled Africans can earn a decent side income by running a series of automated tests to inspect code and software for errors.

QA testing is a lucrative idea if you have coding experience and can run test cases under various circumstances. Africans can earn money by detecting and correcting errors, developing test procedures and developing a script.


Skilled Africans can make money in the tech industry through web development, web design, and search engine optimization consulting. Also, you can make money with copywriting, social media management, technical support, QA testing, and video editing skills.

*Views expressed in this article are those of a Business Insider Africa contributor. It does not represent the views of the Business Insider Africa organization.

Olayinka Sodiq is a skilled copywriter with technical, analytical and writing experience gained over 5 years of in-house and freelance gigs. He is versed in finance, investments, technology, blockchain, mergers and acquisitions, bankruptcy, etc.

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