9 essential tips for a fabulous destination birthday party on a budget

How to do more and spend less.

You’ve had your fair share of typical birthday parties, and you’ve eaten enough supermarket cakes for your entire life. This year, you are determined to celebrate in a way you will remember forever – by planning the trip of a lifetime for you and your friends.

A birthday party at a destination is an exciting choice that is sure to create lasting memories, but it can also get expensive. Here’s how to plan a fabulous birthday trip while on budget.

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1. Choose somewhere near you

You might want to travel to faraway places, but have you considered exploring what’s on your doorstep? Going for a road trip instead of paying for flights will save everyone money, and the trip there can even be one of the best parts of any vacation.

You can search for great homes and experiences on Airbnb, or choose to ‘brutalize’ a bit and book a stay in a tent or yurt at a nearby campground or national park. Your group might even choose the nearest big city and let you do some sightseeing for the weekend. Take the money you save on plane tickets and splurge on dinner and drinks.

2. Create an anniversary savings fund

The best way to prepare for your destination anniversary is to start saving as much in advance as possible. Saving money is often difficult when you only have one bank account, so consider opening a free account. savings account specifically for your trip.

Having more than one account is beneficial for many reasons, especially when you know you have a big expense ahead. Most employers allow you to split your direct deposit for each paycheck across multiple accounts, so consider setting up a certain amount to automatically deposit into your savings each payday.

3. Pay for your trip with credit card points

An upcoming trip is a great time to use your credit cards – and no, I don’t mean racking up a huge credit card bill. Instead, start earning and using points! Many credit cards offer travel rewards, and using them responsibly can help you buy plane tickets and hotel stays for free.

Be aware, however, that using your credit cards to earn points is only a good idea if you pay your bill in full each month. Otherwise, the interest charges on your purchases will void all the money you save using your points.

4. Divide a vacation home with friends

Vacation home websites like Airbnb, Vrbo, and HomeAway are becoming more and more popular, especially for those traveling in groups. Instead of booking multiple hotel rooms, why not split up a vacation rental?

Not only can this save you money on accommodation, it will also save you money on food and laundry, as these homes will likely include a kitchen and access to a washer and dryer. Not to mention that you might like to wake up with your friends in the same place on your birthday.

5. Use a low budget travel agency

If you thought that booking a travel package with a travel agent was only for the rich, think again. Many travel companies are now focusing on budget travel, with packages that include everything you want, but won’t cost your entire savings. Explore travel agencies such as Under30Experiences, Cosmos Tours, Intrepid Travel and Contiki.

You can find trips to Portugal starting at $ 849 per person through Cosmos Tours, or visit Morocco with Intrepid Travel starting at $ 964 per person. Contiki offers a trip to discover the Colombian rainforest starting at $ 639 per person! Under30Experiences is offering $ 50 off your first trip just by signing up for their newsletter, and many other companies will have a similar offer. Start visiting these websites well in advance of your birthday to take advantage of last-minute sales or deals.

6. Consider renting a car

If you are traveling in a group and need to get around, sharing the cost of a rental car may actually prove to be more economical than other means of transportation for your group.

It depends a lot on your location, but it can be cheaper than paying for taxis or multiple Uber rides, or even using public transportation. You may also want to consider being able to travel in groups on your own schedule.

Some credit cards can even include rental car insurance, which will save you even more money, and you can divide the total cost of the rental car among your entire party.

7. Keep an eye out for flight deals

If you’re planning your birthday trip in the next few months, it’s time to set up a Google theft alert. This will allow you to be notified of any drop in the price of airline tickets for your particular travel dates.

Another great tool for finding airline tickets is signing up for a service that lets you know about airline sales and fare errors, like Scott’s Cheap Flights. Also, be sure to compare multiple search engines. You can often take the dates you find on Google and place them in another search engine, like Kiwi or Momondo, to find an even better deal.

8. Traveling out of season

Traveling during the low season will save you money on your hotel, flights, and even food and entrance fees. While Paris can be beautiful in spring and summer, the best time to go is actually winter, when everything is cheaper.

This is true for most places, so before making your plans, take the time to research when the low season is for your particular destination. There will be fewer people to deal with and you are sure to find some great deals.

A simple Google search will let you know what dates to book. Keep in mind that there is no rule against celebrating your birthday throughout the year, so don’t feel limited to that one day.

9. Track all your expenses during the trip

One of the hardest parts of traveling in a group is tracking expenses. Designate someone to keep copies of receipts, or at least write everything down in their phone. Then you can use apps like Venmo and Splitwise to make sure everyone is paying their fair share.

If you plan ahead and scour the web for travel deals, it is quite possible to have a destination birthday party on a budget.

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