A2Z Drone Delivery’s New RDS2 Delivers Any Box Up To 22 Pounds

A2Z Drone Delivery, Inc, developer of commercial drone delivery solutions, launches its second-generation Rapid Delivery System (RDS). The RDS2 automated delivery winch eliminates the need for specialized cargo boxes and is capable of delivering any payload up to 10 kg / 22 lbs, making it the highest payload capacity delivery winch on the market. A2Z Drone Delivery is also rolling out a new integrated cargo drone, the RDST, providing service providers with a plug-and-play drone delivery system for last-mile deliveries. While the RDST has built-in RDS2, the Autonomous Rapid Delivery System can also be installed on a range of popular enterprise delivery drones.

With the release of the new RDS2 and RDST, A2Z Drone Delivery expands its line of drone delivery hardware focused on its core mission of creating systems that address consumer protection concerns with the booming residential drone deliveries. By performing deliveries from altitude, A2Z Drone Delivery’s solutions protect recipients from spinning drone propellers, while mitigating privacy concerns of low-flying drones and reducing intrusive rotor noise.

“Most drone delivery systems in deployment today require payloads to be packed in special boxes, pouches, or on-board payload compartments; RDS2 is designed to meet what each shipper wants, using what each shipper has,” said Aaron Zhang, Founder and CEO of A2Z Drone Delivery, Inc. “RDS2 can automatically release the shipper’s own boxes. shipper, eliminating the need for a receiver on the ground to meet the drone, and pick up packages without landing. These capabilities, combined with the most payload flexibility and heaviest payload capacity currently on the market, make our RDS2 a solid investment for drone service providers looking to rapidly scale drone applications. commercial delivery.

Although designed for the rigors of rapidly expanding residential drone delivery applications, the RDS2 and RDST are ideal for many logistical challenges such as the delivery of medical supplies or lifesaving equipment for search and rescue operations. Outside of the logistics industry, current A2Z Drone Delivery customers have deployed the captive rapid delivery system to intra-site transportation of tools and samples in mining operations, shore-to-ship delivery of urgent supplies and port documents, and placement and retrieval of ground sensors for industrial inspections. Both RDS2 and RDST have already gone through extensive beta testing subjecting the platforms to real-world stresses and user demands.

“RDS2 has completed over 2000 test deliveries and is already deployed with six of our beta testing partners who have tested the platform in a wide range of applications,” said A2Z Drone Delivery CTO, Evan Hertafeld. “Consistency and reliability are the name of the game and these tests have boosted the efficiency of our hardware. In response to partner feedback, we have also sought to streamline maintenance with our new A2Z Assistant software and a more durable tether for reduce downtime.

New RDS2 rapid delivery system

Featuring a compact design, the new RDS2 retains its predecessor’s redundant safety mechanisms, including its payload monitoring system, passive payload lockout, manual or automatic tether controls and release of tether in case of inadvertent entanglement. New RDS2 features, developed in response to hours of user feedback, include:

  • Robust drive motor – Enables the RDS2 to deliver payloads up to 10 kg/22 lbs, the highest payload capacity on the market.
  • Work with all standard boxes – Requiring no specialized delivery box, the RDS2 fits perfectly into any existing logistics network.
  • Automatic payload release – Patent-pending automatic release mechanism can drop any box without the need for a human receiver.
  • Payload Pickup – Recover payloads up to 5 kg while maintaining a safe hover.
  • Low profile and easy to integrate form factor The entire RDS2 chassis can be easily stowed in the belly of any heavy-lift drone and is less than 10cm tall, leaving plenty of room for cargo.
  • Ultra-long-lasting attachment – Improved braided Kevlar tether extends maintenance cycles up to 800 deliveries between tether replacements.
  • General Purpose Payload Hook Optional manual release hook capable of delivering or picking up everything from bags to buckets.
  • A2Z Wizard Intuitive desktop application for maintenance, system configuration, etc.

New RDST integrated cargo drone

Designed to meet current FAA weight requirements for commercial delivery drones, the RDST Integrated Cargo Drone uses a stable and redundant octocopter configuration combined with RDS2 to offer drone service providers a ready-to-fly delivery system . While the operational range of the platform depends on the specifics of the payload, the RDST can extend operations up to a 9 mile round trip from a primary distribution center. The RDST is designed to satisfy the full range of payloads that modern drone operators need to carry and is designed for safe flight with payloads up to 5 kg. The RDST is 29 inches tall and its rotors fold easily for transport in the supplied flight case.

  • Factory integrated RDS2 – With the included RDS2 winch, the RDST is ready to ship out of the box.
  • Massive loading bay – The hold can accept packages up to 45L x 45W x 35H cm / 18L x 18H x 14H inches.
  • Improved Ground Control Station (A2Z QGC) – An intuitive user interface integrates RDS2 commands and telemetry with open source Q Ground Control mission planning software capable of conducting pre-planned automated delivery missions without the need to land.
  • Extended radio range – Transmission range up to 30 km with optional 4G LTE connectivity.
  • Built for the job – Easily replaceable parts and simple design allow for simplified maintenance and minimal operating cost per mile.
  • Embedded lidar – Provides relative AGL height readings for maximum safety. Optional delivery and precision landing capabilities.
  • Open source flight control software – Allows easy integration with third-party hardware and software.

The brand new A2Z Drone Delivery RDS2 rapid delivery system and RDST integrated cargo drone ready to fly can be purchased on the company’s website.

For more details visit https://www.a2zdronedelivery.com/

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