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ORLANDO, Florida – Action 9 contains a warning about some offers to correct bad credit scores so that you can get a loan.

A local veteran paid the credit repair service $ 450 after guaranteeing the removal of his bad credit.

Dennis Gaskins tries to buy a house, but bad credit makes it impossible to get a mortgage in Virginia. “We’re just trying to have a little house that we can call our own,” Gaskins said.

A billboard caught his eye. The credit repair company claimed to remove bad credit in 45 days guaranteed.

Gaskins called the number on the sign, then met Filip Garrison, owner of Orlando Florida Credit Repair.

Garrison promises results in a YouTube video: “I’ll get you the best credit score I can. “

Gaskins met Garrison at his home and office near Windermere. He paid $ 450 in cash, which also covered his wife’s services. In return, the company would contact their credit bureaus.

“He was going to send the letters and dispute anything negative on my credit report,” Gaskins said. He said he was told to add two credit cards and make regular payments. But Gaskins said his scores barely improved.

“Did this change your credit scores as promised? “, Asked consumer surveyor Todd Ulrich.

“No sir. He was supposed to guarantee that our credit score will exceed 620 in 45 days,” Gaskins replied. He said the company was refusing any refund.

Orlando Florida Credit Repair is ranked F by the Better Business Bureau. Customers who complained say the company didn’t give them a contract and wanted to be paid upfront – two red flags for credit repair.

Ulrich tried to get answers from head office but Garrison decided not to interview.

Via text message he said that Gaskin’s scores have improved, his guarantee means he keeps trying to lower their scores and has hundreds of happy customers.

In a YouTube video, he denies doing anything wrong. “Well, I’m definitely not a scam. I’ve been doing credit repair for six years and am # 1 on Google, ”he said.

“I think my money should be refunded to me,” Gaskins said.

Garrison asked three realtors to contact Ulrich who said their buyers had used his services and their scores had been lowered.

This was not the case for clients who contacted the BBB.

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau says that if there is no contract, upfront fee, and it offers to remove legitimate debt, it is risky and may not be a good option for people with a low credit rating.

Additional response from Garrison:

>> People with bad credit sometimes don’t follow directions. Customers who follow good credit habits are always successful. How am I supposed to be responsible for the actions of customers after they leave?
This is the express purpose of the one-hour consultation and instruction. I am at 40 percent referrals. It is in my best interest for the client to be successful. I also have several real estate agents who have sold homes to clients because of my service. $ 299 to enter my office. I do not offer refunds. I get paid for the work. No contract necessary to perform agreed work. Like my mechanic.


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