AJR Brands Holds Ribbon Cutting in Beijing

BEIJING, Ill. (WMBD) — The founder of Reditus Laboratories and PAL Health Technologies has launched another venture in Beijing.

An open house and ribbon cutting was held to celebrate the opening of AJR Brands on Thursday, February 24.

Dr. Aaron Rossi is the CEO of AJR Brands, which helps clients effectively develop and transform their brand identity.

“Brand identity is a key element, in my opinion, in the development, transformation and growth of your business,” said Rossi.

AJR Brands will offer a wide range of services including prints, design, websites, apparel, business cards and banners.

“It’s not just the print, the print is definitely part of it, but you need a logo, you need a design,” Rossi said. “Graphic design, web design, all those sorts of things are in our wheelhouse.”

According to a press release from AJR, their creative director is Dwain Barker, who has 11 years of graphic design experience.

“We have an amazing team of futuristic thinkers who really care about what they produce,” Barker said. “I think our customers will see and experience the detail that our staff puts into each masterpiece.”

AJR Brands’ design, branding and print production lab is located at 1805 Riverway Drive in Beijing, in the same building as PAL Health Technologies and next to Reditus Laboratories.

More information is available on Facebook and their website.

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