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So, the retired professional basketball player who was born as Ron Artest, more recently named Metta World Peace, and even more recently renamed Metta Sandiford-Artest, has said he approves of the rebranding of Facebook under the name of Meta Platforms Inc.

“Facebook has brought me a lot of joy,” Sandiford-Artest said, according to the Market Watch website. “When I changed my name in 2011, I was just starting to get into tech and I did it from a Buddhist point of view. Spiritually, meta means ultimate, and I guess it’s the same thing. in technology. “

USA Today reported that Metta posted a comment on Twitter praising Facebook, uh, Meta.

“It was so cool,” he said, adding that “Metta / Meta is a great name.”

Meta responded, according to USA Today.

“The best name ever, isn’t it?” “

OK, now that we’ve recognized Technoromance, let’s move on.

It’s all in the name

The question is “Why?”

Why change your name?

Forget why the man changed his name. It’s pretty obvious from his answer. Metta World Peace means “the ultimate world peace”. I can’t argue with that one. It might have seemed odd back when Ron Artest did it, but it has since become a reality for me. I have been seeking world peace for quite some time now.

But why did Facebook bother to change its name?

The Associated Press published the official story.

“Like many struggling businesses before this, Facebook is changing its name and logo,” AP reported five days ago. Facebook Inc. is now called Meta Platforms Inc., or Meta for short, to reflect what CEO Mark Zuckerberg said on Thursday to be his commitment to developing the new surround-yourself technology known as the “metaverse.”

Metaverse, the ultimate universe?

I was just wondering, did someone ask us if we want to live in a metaverse?

I didn’t even know what the metaverse was until Facebook changed its name. I did not care. I was too busy posting inspirational quotes, historic sports photographs, and funny animal videos on social media to be worried.

According to AP, the metaverse is “a computer-generated virtual space where people can interact.”

“It includes other growing companies… such as the hardare virtual reality arm Oculus and Horizon Worlds, virtual reality software that is still in beta testing mode.”

Great, the metaverse is virtual reality. This is where people go when they are not happy with real life. They go into a world that is still in testing.

Now, not only will we be able to wish people a “Happy Birthday” on social media – with colorful balloon memes or celebratory emoticons – sooner or later, we will also be able to attend their birthday parties in virtual reality.

We may never go out to walk the dog, rake leaves, or talk to the neighbor again for the rest of our virtual lives. Isn’t that just the meta-gift for humanity?

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