Apple may push back iPadOS 16 launch to October

Apple is a brand known for its consistency. There are almost no surprises with the Cupertino company, it refines and perfects and does so at its own particular pace.

That’s why whenever there’s the slightest disruption to Apple’s pace, it’s news. This time it’s no different. According to insider sources, Apple is pushing back the release of iPadOS 16 to October.

The unusual move marks a break from Apple’s tradition of releasing software updates almost invariably in September, with the launch of the new iPhone line. It also aligns the software release more closely with the potential launch of new iPads, which are expected to arrive around October/November.

This information was first presented by Mark Gurman in a recent article published on the Bloomberg website. It’s worth noting that Gurman is one of the most reputable sources when it comes to Apple, and his track record on the matter is nearly flawless.

According to Gurman, there are a number of reasons behind the decision to push back the latest version of iPadOS. The one he specifically cites is Stage Manager, one of the biggest highlights of iPadOS 16.

For reference, Stage Manager is the latest multitasking feature coming to the iPad. It is also the one that brings the iPad more than ever into Mac territory. If you want to know more about Stage Manager and how exactly it works, you can do so by reading our iPadOS 16 preview.

However, Stage Manager, as ambitious as it is, came under heavy criticism from users and developers alike during beta testing. From the plethora of technical issues to the downright confusing interface, it seems like there’s still plenty of room for improvement.

Therefore, Apple is taking its time. Perhaps the extra month will allow the tech giant to get Stage Manager and, by extension, iPad OS 16. Patience is bitter, but its apple is sweeter.

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