Arizona GOP Secretary of State Candidate Insists Google ‘Deep State’ Blocks His Site; Turns out he asked for it not to be indexed

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These days, the conspiratorial GOP candidates (who seem to be a growing majority of the party right now) seem to believe there must be a conspiracy against them or that they just aren’t that important. It could be the deep state, big tech, or “woke banks” or whatever, but someone has to come looking for them. It’s all nonsense. Mark Finchem is Arizona’s GOP nominee for Secretary of State. If he wins, he will be among an extremely high number of politicians in charge of future elections who believe – against all facts and evidence – that the 2020 election was fraudulent. Such people can do a lot of damage.

Anyway, this week Finchem insisted that Google and its “deep state algorithm” were blocking his campaign website in an attempt to thwart his campaign:

And it’s true that if you google his campaign website, you get empty (though you’ll find plenty of other stuff about him, including his lies about the 2020 election). However, as Grid News has figured out, the reality is not only different, but (for yet another reason) raises serious questions about Finchem’s jurisdiction. Turns out Finchem’s campaign inserted a “noindex” meta tag… tell Google not to index it or show it in search. I mean, it’s just there for anyone to see:

If you don’t see that image, it’s a screenshot of the source code on their website, showing some of the meta tags, and it looks like they used AIOSEO plugins to set up their SEO tags. In this case they chose to block search engines, as indicated in the meta tag:

This leads to one of two possible conclusions. The first option is that Finchem is so desperate to be seen as underdog that he literally (so clumsily) got his campaign to stop Google from indexing his site so he could claim to be removed from Google.

Or, the second option is that the guy who could soon be in charge of the Arizona state elections is so incompetent and so stupid that he accidentally blocked Google from searching their website:

Honestly, I can’t decide which possibility is more damning. As the Grid notes, it looks like this deliberate change on the Finchem website was created somewhere in the middle of July, because that meta tag wasn’t there before that.

They also received a suitably dry comment from Google basically saying that if Finchem wants to be “reformed” it should, uh, remove its own tag telling Google to deplatform it:

“The webmaster of this site has requested that Google and other search engines not include the site’s homepage in our search results using a ‘noindex’ directive,” the spokesperson said in an email. -mail to Grid. “If a site wants to appear in search results, they can remove the ‘noindex’ directive.”

Of course, that won’t matter to many of his supporters and to many in the parts of the Trumpist world that sell bullshit. I imagine we’ll be hearing for months how Google “censored” this guy, when in truth he seems to have deliberately chosen to “censor” himself and then blame others for it.

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