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Ask SCORE by Dean Swanson

A small business CEO asked me last week to give some suggestions on how to improve the performance of their website. This is a good topic as we come back from the pandemic crisis and refocus our efforts to attract an expanded customer base.

Dean Swanson

A positive user experience is directly related to the impression potential customers have of your brand, including the level of quality of your product or service. There are two simple steps you can take to make sure you’re giving your web visitors the best possible user experience: page load speed and quality content. Here’s how to make sure your website has both.

Creating a new website for your business is big business. It can take months to design, code, write, and launch a professional site. And, not to mention the maintenance of your website once it’s launched and the ongoing SEO, or search engine optimization, that needs to be at stake to make your website discoverable online.

After working hard to bring your website to life, the last thing your business can afford to do is frustrate your visitors and drive them away due to a bad user experience.

“Good design, usability and user experience are more important than ever in website development,” shares SCORE mentor and technology professional Matthew Krieger. “It’s a constant struggle to get the attention of visitors – any delays, complexity or friction, whatever it is, could cause users to leave your site. I often see companies putting too many barriers in front of customers: overly complex registration processes, overly strict forms, surveys with too many questions, etc. These things interfere with the engagement process and can lead to lost sales. “

There are two simple steps you can take to provide your website visitors with a positive user experience.

1. Pay attention to the loading speed of your pages.

Today, consumers expect instant response when browsing a website. As a result, Google wants to see fast load times and takes page load speed into account when determining how well a website ranks in a search result.

At the end of 2019, Google considered a page load speed of up to two seconds to be acceptable, but prefers speeds of less than half a second. You can check your website page load speed using Google’s PageSpeed ​​Insights tool.

According to a May 2020 article published by the Nielsen Norman Group, page load delays of as little as one second are enough to interrupt a person’s consciousness, and delays of a few seconds are enough to severely affect a user’s user experience. website.

By working with a web developer to improve your website page load speed, you will create a better user experience and, over time, increase your site’s ranking in organic search results.

2. Create quality, clear and direct content

Once your visitors come to your website with a fast page load speed, your next challenge is to make sure they don’t bounce right off your site.

The average time spent on a website by a visitor typically ranges from a few seconds to a few minutes. This means that you have a very limited window of time to capture a visitor’s attention and provide them with information about your business, products, and services.

Create content that gets right to the point of what you’re doing and why you’re doing it. Visitors won’t spend time browsing a lot of content to find what they need. Help people find your site, get the information they need, and contact you for more information.

Learn more about how to create clean, direct, and effective web content by reading this SCORE article, “How to Create Great Web Content”.

“A website’s information architecture – the art and science of structuring and presenting digital information for good usability – is important to consider when developing your content. In addition, the need for a clear and focused message is greater than ever, ”explains Krieger. “With the overwhelming amount of digital content competing for people’s time, creating value quickly should be a priority. “

A positive user experience is essential to the performance of your website. Employ an experienced web designer and developer with a solid knowledge of the latest web design best practices, page load speed, and optimized content.

Finding the right digital marketing partner is easier when you have an experienced professional mentor, like a SCORE mentor, by your side. A SCORE mentor will help you select the best company or digital marketing consultant to support your business. With the help of your mentor, you will put your website in a position to be successful while competing for the attention of customers online.

Dean L. Swanson is a Certified SCORE Volunteer Mentor and Past SCORE Section President, District Director and Regional Vice President for the Northwest Region.

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