Australian creatives on how to build your brand and cultivate a following

“People remember how you make them feel.”

So you have found your niche. The thing that makes your heart sing. A creative practice that you plan to pursue for both compensation and soul reward. Maybe you’re a self-taught photographer looking for fashion gigs in Melbourne, or a freelance writer in Sydney hoping to build a repeat copywriter clientele.

But once you’ve drawn attention to the rumor mill as a cool and up-and-coming creative, how do you transcend word of mouth and forge a brand that works, works, and well-oiled? It’s that sadly elusive freelance quest. How do you get publicity after creating a folio, and who do you get to fill the talent gap with the things you can’t do?

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This is the first in our trilogy of articles featuring Fiverr freelance market to answer these burning questions. Whether you’re a merchant, fashion designer, catalog designer, or something creative in between, Fiverr is the go-between for business and freelance talent at elite demand.

To alleviate the uncertainty and angst of building your personal brand online (insert: Instagram, website, Fiverr profile) and IRL, we’ve assembled a dream team of those who have done it (or employ people for this) to organize the best advice goes.

What attracts a business to a freelancer?

Lib hutton from Melbourne communications consultancy Hutton Project engages freelancers at a rapid pace, with clients spanning The Sheet Society, Breville, Friends with Frank, Tom Organic and more. With various project style campaigns under his belt, it’s paramount to work with creatives who instantly “get it” and then get the job done with grace and enthusiasm.

When asked what makes him want to work with a freelance writer on a campaign, Lib advocates initiative and authenticity. Fiverr’s Business Success Managers team provides clients such as Lib with support and assistance in finding the best fit for their brief. “We want someone who really cares about the client, the project and the brief. All this from start to finish. Yes, their aesthetics will shine, but they are also able to absorb the client’s brief and show us an equal investment in the bottom line.

How to approach a potential client?

To be good is one thing, to be noticed is another. Whether you’ve created a space on Insta or created your impeccable profile on Fiverr thanks to its user-friendly interface, it’s fundamental that your individual ‘vibe’ shines through. Your talent is one thing, but being kind is just as important. Lib goes on to explain the importance of “showing without saying” with your working folio.

Pit may be in partnership with a local photographer to really get your product photos right or hire a tech assistant to personalize your website. “Connections are so important, but not just with brands and customers. Be kind and make friends with other creatives in the industry. This way you can team up with jobs and help each other out. Having coffee with someone you admire and really want to work with today could be a job on a great shoot in a month’s time.

Fiverr’s recent Prepare for success report emphasizes the importance of leveraging strong brand awareness and customer relationships through digital marketing. Whether it’s through social media channels like Instagram or TikTok, or navigating SEO waters, Fiverr believes this is a critical part of freelance success in 2021.

Yes you can do more than one thing

Sabine McKenna is a curator, model and writer who knows the value of networking to increase your community as a multidisciplinary creator. She also argues for the recognition of your different talents, rather than locking you into a single category of freelance. Fiverr allows users to list multiple jobs at once, so if you’re lucky enough to be good at a few things, go play it.

“I have always had a great network of creative people around me and have developed it naturally over the years. I’m very outgoing and good at talking to people so I think this played a huge role in the work I found and the skills I learned. I always ask people what they’re doing and share my work online and in conversations.

“I’ve heard people say that half the job shows up, which I don’t 100% agree with because I know you always have to do a good job. But of course being friendly and taking initiative to make sure things are done to the best of your ability goes so far. People remember how you make them feel.

Have you had a setback? It’s normal

Freelance writer and podcaster Jasmin wallis knows how to give everything to his profession. But that does not mean that it is free from the obstacles of doubt and impostor syndrome. My parents taught me to give things 110% of your energy so that if someone doesn’t like you or your job, you know you’ve done all you can, ”she tells me.

“If I’m feeling really down, I just take a minute to look back at what I’ve accomplished in the past and know that if I keep going I can create more opportunities for myself. I am so lucky to have the security in them and I certainly don’t take that for granted. My editors from different publications have taught me a lot as well and every time they give me advice, I absorb it like a sponge.

Rely on those who have triumphed before you

It seems obvious, but we often forget to ask for help from the people who have done exactly what we aspire to do. Brother writer Kate lancaster has accumulated a wealth of valuable connections in the Australian media landscape by building strong relationships with some of the best.

“My former bosses (the good and the really awful ones) have all played a huge role in shaping the career I have today. strive to convey to the young journalists I work with.

“Less than stellar bosses have also been trainers over the years, as observing them has allowed me to apply valuable learnings to my own career. Your reputation is your most profitable asset, so view every opportunity as potentially expansive – for your portfolio, yes, but also for your skills or your network, ”says Kate.

This is where harnessing the power of social media can be your best tool. Whether through hashtagging or engagement growth strategies, Fiverr’s freelancers in social marketing are experts in this field.

Please recognize your success

Perhaps the most overlooked topic of discussion in “doing it” as a creative is the guilt and shame associated with gloating over your accomplishments or enjoying your accomplishments. When you “go it alone” it can isolate you. You’ve overcome the losses, but who will share your victories? Maybe it’s time to really take a look at your Instagram self-promotion or find a freelance writer on Fiverr who can write a world-class pitch for you. Stick to the things you’re proud of rather than toning down them.

Prodigy of photography Jess brohier suggests that you “own your accomplishments”. “I find it almost impossible myself, because of ‘big poppy syndrome’ here in Australia. I read something about it recently and try to make an effort not to be so humble, as funny as it sounds. No one likes a huge ego, but until you are exactly where you want to be in your career, it makes sense that you lose out on opportunities if you stay silent and downplay your skills and talent.

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