Autoscript presents a voice-activated telepromptation solution


LONDON-Autoscript unveiled Autoscript Voice, a prompter control technology that allows presenters to control their prompted scripts in real time by speaking the words written in them, removing reliance on hand or foot commands. .

Designed for use with the company’s WinPlus-IP all-IP prompt software, Voice offers a customized solution to the user. It monitors production audio and automatically advances the script as the words are spoken, Autoscript said.

Leveraging real-time speech recognition, proprietary algorithms and advanced pattern matching, Voice scrolls through the script in perfect sync with the presenter, the company said.

Voice stops for adlibs and resumes scrolling when the presenter is back on the script. The system automatically manages various script and show formats. Multiple presenters can use Voice. It can be used simultaneously with other Autoscript scroll control devices, Autoscript said.

“Everyone’s talking about Voice,” said Philip Dalgoutte, Product Manager at Autoscript. “Networks that use Autoscript Voice in their daily live operations [and] were amazed at the quality of the workflow. ”

“For presenters, it’s almost unbelievable that such precise control of the prompts is possible by just speaking. It’s effortless with no controllers for them to operate [so] they can focus on the presentation and everything works. ”

A major US television network has used Voice for more than three years, which included an extended beta test in which live news broadcasts were tracked. Testing and consultation with the network have been important drivers in the successful development of Voice for live news broadcasts and entertainment productions. After the testing period, the network integrated Voice into its workflow, he said.

The new Autoscript Voice teleprompting control system can be used to control output to EPIC-IP and EVO-IP prompt monitors and Xbox-IP scroll engines. It is now available for demonstration from Autoscript representatives.

More information is available about the company website.


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