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High beta stocks are great if you are looking for aggressive investments. And you shouldn’t worry about a lot of risk. Because that’s the definition of a high beta, high risk, high volatility speculative stock.

What is a high beta action?

Beta refers to the volatility of a stock as a measured number. High volatility stocks have a beta score greater than 1. Low volatility stocks have a beta score less than 1.

And the benchmark for that volatility is the S&P 500. A score greater than 1 means it is more volatile than the S&P 500. And a score less than 1 means it is less volatile than the S&P 500.

Volatility is the term used when a stock goes up and down easily. If a stock is volatile, it can net you a lot of money. However, it can also cause you to lose your investment.

Penny stocks are generally very volatile, just like high beta stocks.

Plus, high beta stocks can be good for your portfolio if you know what to look for. The higher the beta of a stock, the higher the risk. So you want to make sure that you are doing a good job finding out about each company that you want to invest in.

For high beta stocks, be sure to analyze the company’s main offering. How do they differ from other companies? Are they offering something valuable? Is it necessary in the market?

And make sure the leadership is good. Do managers and business leaders have relevant experience?

Another thing that helps me when checking out a possible investment is company news. I’m going to go to the website and see what they’ve been up to over the past couple of years.

Although this is not a great way to measure success. Because some companies do more press than others. Some don’t push the press at all, although they are doing very well.

But, it’s a nice little incentive, if the news is available.

How to find high beta stocks

You can type in your search engine: high beta stocks. And you’ll likely get a list of good, high beta stocks to invest in.

But I like to base myself on exact specs and know which ones are really great. And I often use a stock filter to find great stocks, even the ones I choose for these posts.

Stock filters are wonderful tools. It’s because they make life so much easier.

Unless you are looking for a stock in a speculative or specific niche, you can find almost any type of stock.

If I’m looking for high beta stocks to invest in, I don’t want just any high beta stocks. I want to make an investment that will earn me money. Because that’s the whole point of investing, right?

I will go to my stock filter. And the first thing I’m going to do is put filters on the stocks that I know will make them successful. In particular, high profit margins, industry specs and maybe a cash flow filter. And other filters that I know of are good indicators of success.

Then I’ll go in and specify which beta I want.

And sometimes the results I get are too few. Or they are not in an industry or a country in which I want to invest. When that happens, I go back to my filters and play around with them until I get a happy compromise.

But the point is, what if I tried to manually find these companies without a filter? It would take a LOT longer. It would take months to find a good stock that lived up to my exact specifications.

Now that you know what a high beta stock is, find out which high beta stocks I have selected for you below.

Best High Beta Stocks

  1. APA Corp (Nasdaq: APA)
  2. Canaan Inc. (Nasdaq: CAN)
  3. Matador Resources (NYSE: MTDR)
  4. com Inc. (Nasdaq: OSTK)
  5. Rattler Midstream LP (Nasdaq: RTLR)

High beta stocks to buy

APA Corp

Beta: 4.7

Market capitalization: $ 10 billion

APA is a company committed to finding clean energy. It owns assets and has subsidiaries in many countries around the world. And these countries include Egypt, the United Kingdom, the United States, and the Dominican Republic.

Last I heard, they discovered black oil off the coast of Suriname. And the company has successfully completed a throughput test. It also obtained approval for a “modernized production sharing contract” with the Egyptian Parliament.

The APA also has a good cash flow.


Beta: 4.4

Market capitalization: $ 919 million

Canaan is a Chinese company that produces computer hardware and technology. In particular, it works with blockchain and AI. And the company is creating solutions for crypto mining. Additionally, Canaan emphasizes social awareness and enhancing the human experience.

This is a high beta stock if you are looking for an indirect investment in the crypto world.

Matador Resources

Beta: 4.4

Market capitalization: $ 5 billion

Matador is an energy company located in the United States

Operating out of West Texas and New Mexico, it acquires, explores and produces oil and gas resources. In addition, the company provides natural gas processing and oil transportation services.

Beta: 4.2

Market capitalization: $ 3 billion

Overstock is an e-commerce company specializing in discount furniture and housewares. And these products are branded and very modern. This high beta stock sells products at deep discounts. Because that seems to be what they’re known for.

And here’s something interesting the company did in the spring of 2020. It offered its own cryptocurrency to shareholders. Overstock gave them one “coin” for every ten shares held by Overstock.

Rattler in the middle of the stream

Beta: 3.8

Market capitalization: $ 2 billion

Rattler is another energy company. The company works with Diamondback Energy, which is also an energy company. By providing intermediary services to Diamondback, Rattler acquires and develops its own natural resources. She finds and acquires assets in Delaware in the Permian Basin.

Leadership is excellent for this high beta stock. Each person in a managerial position has a great deal of relevant experience. And it also has a long history of working with other companies.

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