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Good business marketing requires a mix of things: good ideas, clear communication, good strategy, attractive design, and thorough implementation. Marion’s Brainstorm store offers all of this and more to growing customers across the country.

Founder, Owner and Creative Director Britni Bateman and her sister Kasie Lechelle have put together all the components for business owners looking to expand their promotional and marketing efforts beyond what they ever imagined.

It’s a successful business that started when Bateman was helping a local women’s boutique with the challenge of staying in business during the pandemic. Always an “ideas person,” she started sharing suggestions and thoughts to build a following and following.

It was a lifelong passion, and Bateman found she had found a niche, particularly when it came to what she calls “brainstorming intensives.”

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“I always wanted to have a company that was focused on the brainstorming aspect where I could work with a company and dig into all these really cool ideas for their business,” she explained. “This might be something unrealistic for small business owners to implement, but with help we can look at branding and marketing strategy and social media. Additionally, we also do brand development, design and social media marketing. »

Bateman explained that his approach is somewhat unique.

“I sometimes like to call myself that creative brain you hire to fire because I really want to give small business owners the tools and knowledge to be able to do things themselves as much as possible,” he said. she stated. “I want people to feel empowered when we’re done working together.”

Other clients commit to the company longer-term to build everything from brands to followings and even trust.

“Kasie is a very talented social media manager, but she also offers what we call confidence coaching. Many small business owners have impostor syndrome where they don’t feel confident to interact with people on the fly and after working with her they become absolutely confident that they can trust themselves to handle the situations appropriately,” Bateman explained.

Brainstorm Boutique’s other services include website design and social media marketing, both of which benefit from the company’s ability to generate ideas.

“We’ve noticed that often times businesses just need someone to get them started and with the brainstorming background, we’re here to inspire, encourage and support them,” Bateman said. “We’re really here to encourage them, not just as a company, but on a personal level.”

Bateman explained that as a small business owner herself, she is able to provide a personalized level of service.

“We like the fact that we’re a small organization because it allows us to really focus on specific customers, one at a time. We know what our capacity is and although we have a waiting list, we want to make sure whoever works with us receives our full attention for everything,” she said.

Brainstorm Boutique has a number of customer success stories. Bateman said a country dancing instructor worked with the company to expand its reach.

“He wanted to be higher so we ‘revamped’ his website and Kasie tackled his social media. He had 1,200 followers on Instagram in April and now has 85,000 and probably close to 700,000 on TikTok,” she said. “He now has people from all over the world coming to Nashville to learn from him.

“It’s one of those things where we can be on different levels – everything from a stopgap and sort of temporary help for a company to being a real partner for others,” she added.

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