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Microsoft has blocked Windows 10 and 11 from being installed in Russia from the company’s official website, Russian state media reported on Sunday.

Users in the country have confirmed that attempts to download Windows 10 result in a 404 error message.

TASS reported that attempts to download a Windows 11 disc image (ISO) were diverted to a Microsoft support contact page. The software does, however, come with a virtual private network (VPN) to disguise a computer’s location – as are many other online resources.

Demand for VPNs reportedly increased by an unprecedented 2,692% in Russia as Instagram, Facebook and Twitter removed access to apps from the location.

In early March, Microsoft announced that it would suspend new sales of Microsoft products and services in the country due to the invasion of Ukraine and “in accordance with government sanctions orders”.

Days later, Ukrainian Deputy Prime Minister Mykhailo Fedorov called on the company to do more and block access to its products in the region.

This month, Microsoft announced that it was making substantial cuts to its Russian operations, including cutting more than 400 employees.

Federov regularly called out Big Tech on Twitter for continuing to do business in Russia.

Many – including SAP, Oracle, Dell, Sony Interactive Entertainment, AMD, Intel, Ericsson, etc. – have withdrawn or significantly reduced their operations.

In response, Russian President Vladimir Putin threatened retaliatory sanctions, including “a ban on the export of products or raw materials produced or mined in Russia when delivered to individuals under sanctions, or by individuals under sanctions to other individuals”.

Russia is also preventing the export of millions of tonnes of wheat from Ukraine, an action that EU foreign policy chief Josep Borrell has condemned as a “true war crime” and an action that militarizes the hunger. ®

Dubai-based crypto trading platform Billium to launch copy trading feature Sun, 19 Jun 2022 15:50:00 +0000

Despite the volatility and unpredictable nature of the crypto market, the industry is still booming and seeing unprecedented levels of adoption around the world. The United Arab Emirates (UAE) is therefore actively striving to become an international crypto and blockchain hub and that is why there has already been so much development there. That said, Billium, a new crypto trading platform, will soon launch its new copy trading feature.

What is there to know?

Dubai-based Billium has launched a new crypto exchange with the aforementioned trade copy function serving as its main feature. The new “Billium Copy Trading” service can be defined as a mutually beneficial product offering for all parties involved, as beginners benefit from professionals who are more likely to participate in profitable trades. The Billium platform is currently in beta testing, but multiple reports indicate that the platform is nearing completion and, when completed, will provide a unique experience for everyone who uses it.

In a nutshell, Billium aims to be a driving force in improving copy trading as well as digital trading in general in the UAE and beyond, offering both spot and margin trading products. As such, Billium’s new platform connects traders of all skill levels, whether new to the industry or seasoned veterans, creating a platform where anyone can succeed.

Is there anything specific that Billium offers?

Billium is currently in active development, and the company shared that ‘$BILT’, its native token, as well as mobile apps on compatible Android and iOS devices, are also in the works. Some of the major cryptocurrencies offered by Billium for trading purposes include Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), and Tether (USDT).

With this in mind, key aspects of Billium will include but not be limited to copy trading functionality, liquidity aggregator, advanced API for trading robots as well as sophisticated algorithms, reliable order execution, a very liquid order book, the best security and safety features, a user-friendly and easy to understand user interface, as well as high frequency trading and scalping strategies. Future goals will revolve around launching $BILT, reaching 100,000 users in Russia and Turkey (which are the company’s main regions), and possibly getting licensed in Europe as well.

About Billium

As mentioned earlier, Billium is a cryptocurrency trading platform based in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. The platform is among the latest initiatives launched in the country as the UAE seeks to establish a solid foundation in the next era of Web3. Billium is also fully registered in the United Arab Emirates. The likelihood of user transactions being blocked in the context of socio-political events would thus have been drastically reduced through rigorous company regulation.

In addition, Billium has reliable authentication in Telegram via 2FA or a code that cannot be tracked via intelligence services. All of this ensures secure transactions as the company wants to provide peace of mind to merchants. Also, it includes simple instructions to achieve optimal results through automation, money back guarantee, bot assistant as well as operational technical support, accessibility in multiple languages, easy to follow guidelines for beginners as well as masterclasses for seasoned veterans, a professional trading terminal that also includes high-quality trading tools, and many more to come in the near future.

For more information and regular updates, visit the official website and the TwitterFacebook and Telegram.

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How Freewheeling Texas Became the Promised Land of the Self-Driving Trucking Industry Sat, 18 Jun 2022 00:42:00 +0000

FORT WORTH, Texas, June 17 (Reuters) – For companies scrambling to make self-driving trucks a near-term reality, all roads lead to Texas.

Vast freeways, a booming freight market, and most importantly, the least restrictive autonomous vehicle (AV) laws in the United States have made Texas the most desirable location for the industry.

Several companies, including Aurora Innovation (AUR.O) and TuSimple (TSP.O), plan to deploy fully driverless trucks on Texas highways next year, moving away from current tests that include safety drivers from driving assistance.

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While limited driverless testing with 18-wheelers has taken place in Arizona, a launch in Texas would mark the first commercial use. Alphabet’s Waymo Via (GOOGL.O) and pickup truck startup Gatik, which counts Wal-Mart (WMT.N) as a customer, are setting up hubs there in preparation.

Companies have invested billions of dollars in developing the technology they say will increase road safety and reduce truck driver shortages. The self-driving truck industry in the United States is expected to grow rapidly over the next decade, with analysts estimating its size between $250 billion and $400 billion by 2030.

Darran Anderson, director of innovation at the Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT), said the state decided to pursue a collaborative approach with industry.

But security advocates are worried.

“The hasty commercialization of this technology using regular drivers as beta testers in real-world driving conditions potentially puts everyone at risk,” said Ware Wendel, executive director of consumer advocate Texas Watch.

The Texas Department of Public Safety, which regulates audio-visual vehicles, did not respond to a request for comment.

Texas in 2017 passed its autonomous vehicle bill allowing the testing and deployment of driverless vehicles without the need for special registration, data sharing or additional insurance requirements. The law also prevents local cities from imposing additional requirements.

The industry is using the bill as a model when lobbying other states to regulate self-driving vehicles, a Gatik executive and safety researchers said.

Security advocates warn that companies are trying to pit states against each other by threatening to shift jobs to more favorable regulatory environments.

The companies say safety is their top priority and that testing on public roads allows them to refine and evolve their technology under real-world conditions.

There are no known cases of crashes caused by self-driving vehicles in Texas, but the state leads the United States in fatal truck crashes each year, according to data from the US Department of Transportation (DOT). .

Texas has some of the fastest growing metropolitan areas in the country as well as several ports of entry from Mexico. It’s also in the middle of one of America’s busiest freight routes, Atlanta-Los Angeles, which moves more than 8,500 trucks a day, according to the US DOT. Autonomous companies hope to automate many of these highways.

Real estate developer Hillwood’s sprawling AllianceTexas logistics zone near Fort Worth, which includes a cargo airport, rail yard and extensive regional hubs of (AMZN.O), FedEx (FDX.N) and UPS (UPS.N), hopes to attract more AV trucking.

TuSimple and Gatik have hubs in the 27,000 acre complex. Hillwood is creating robot-friendly infrastructure by minimizing left turns that are more complex because they cut through traffic, installing 5G networks and building AV-specific warehouse docks, said Ian Kinne, director of logistics innovation of Hillwood.

For trucking companies, Texas’ collaborative regulatory regime is a big part of its appeal.

“There are other states that have really good ports or connections, but they don’t have the same regulatory environment as Texas,” said Aidan Ali-Sullivan, head of state policy at Waymo.

With federal AV regulations stalled for several years, it was left to individual states to determine policies.

Reuters Charts

Chart on US AV regulations:

Waymo, Aurora, TuSimple and Gatik said they are in constant contact with Texas state and local authorities.

“The state does not take a laissez-faire approach to the operation of these vehicles, they must comply with the rules of the road,” said TxDOT’s Anderson.

The state created an industry task force of some 200 members, including audiovisual companies, automakers, researchers and regulators, with the goal of preparing Texas for autonomous vehicles.

The industry has lobbied other states such as Kansas, Oklahoma and Pennsylvania to copy this approach.

“It’s a well-structured model and approach that other states can adopt,” said Richard Steiner, Gatik’s chief policy officer.

Kansas signed its own bill last month. The governor’s office could not be reached for comment. Read more

Carnegie Mellon engineering professor Phil Koopman, who follows AV regulations, opposed the bills in Kansas and Pennsylvania.

“Even if (companies) have the best intentions, they face unimaginable economic pressure to cut corners,” he said.

Greg Winfree, agency director of the Transportation Institute at Texas A&M University, said he saw no indication that the companies were deploying their technology irresponsibly.

Winfree, who is also part of the state-run AV task force, is currently working on campaigns to educate Texans about the technology that will soon be among them.

“We need to get to a point where seeing an autonomous vehicle is not cause for alarm, or photo-shooting and filming,” he said.

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Reporting by Tina Bellon in Fort Worth, Texas; edited by Ben Klayman, Elaine Hardcastle

Our standards: The Thomson Reuters Trust Principles.

Billium: new Copy Trading features will soon be offered to customers Thu, 16 Jun 2022 13:43:33 +0000

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) is quickly becoming something of an international hub for all things cryptocurrency and blockchain development. After all, not so long ago the country hosted the ‘Crypto Expo Dubai‘ in March this year, an event that would have featured more than 100 different blockchain and crypto companies from around the world.

With the UAE becoming so popular in the crypto and blockchain industry, it would make sense for new initiatives to emerge there and that is exactly what led to the formation of Billium, a new crypto platform -change.

New functionality for exchanging copies

In the crypto industry, copy trading tools are still a relatively new concept. Essentially, copy trading tools allow users to mimic the positions of an advanced and experienced trader. By doing this, a new trader can potentially benefit from all the different trading positions that the advanced trader would make as the positions are “copied”. This has since become a common method for many traders who may not have the time, knowledge, patience or skill to make profitable investments on their own.

As such, Billium has introduced a brand new copy trading feature as part of the crypto exchange. In terms of what it is, the new service is a product offering that aims to benefit everyone involved and will primarily focus on helping new investors. At the moment, the platform is still in the “beta” testing phase, but once all the work is done, users will be able to take advantage of all the different services and features provided by Billium, which also includes copy trading functionality. aforementioned.

What makes Billium so special?

Billium aspires to be at the forefront of UAE-based digital commerce with new copy commerce functionality. Once fully active, the new service will help boost the platform’s influence not only in the UAE, but also beyond the country’s borders.

Additionally, in addition to providing both margin and spot trading products, Billium’s new cryptocurrency platform serves as a bridge between all types of traders, regardless of experience level and their skills. Additionally, while Billium is still in active development, it has been announced that $BILT, the platform’s native token, is prioritized alongside the aforementioned copy trading service. Apart from also being compatible with iOS and Android devices, Billium offers trading capabilities for popular cryptocurrencies such as BTC, ETH, USDT, etc.

Key features of Billium will additionally include copy trading functionality, liquidity aggregator, enhanced API for trading robots, advanced algorithms, security and reliable order execution features, highly liquid orders, an easy to use interface and high frequency scalping and trading techniques, and more. Going forward, Billium will focus on launching $BILT, getting 100,000 users in the main regions of the company, Turkey and Russia, and eventually moving to Europe as well after getting a license to operate there.

About Billium

Dubai-based Billium is a crypto-trading platform that, like so many other projects in this space, seeks to play its part in the inevitable shift to Web 3.0. In addition to being fully regulated, Billium offers Telegram-based two-factor authentication as well as an untraceable code to increase security and grant traders on the platform much-needed security in such an unpredictable and volatile industry.

Billium also has useful trading tools, tutorials, masterclasses and guides available to help investors further and the platform is also accessible in several different languages ​​like English, Spanish, Japanese and Russian. Finally, the platform also offers operational and bot-assistant technical support as well as a money-back guarantee.

Check out the official website and the Twitter, Facebook and Telegram channels for more information.

Disclaimer: This is a paid publication and should not be considered news or advice.

Wedripz and Trust Me Vodka present the first ever NFT art on premium vodka bottles Tue, 14 Jun 2022 06:10:06 +0000

San Diego, June 14, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Art NFTs have transformed the world with remarkable projects and many applications. However, while most NFT applications are limited to the Metaverse and other online platforms, projects like wedripz went ahead and did the amazing. Artist Saint Von and his team have created a combination of real-world experience and an online NFT project with the first-ever series of NFT art on vodka bottles featuring trust me vodka.

Trust Me Vodka is a new brand offering organic and gluten-free vodka for true vodka connoisseurs. In addition to high-end spirits, the label is distinguished by its creative approach. Trust Me Vodka offers opportunities for emerging artists by offering an unusual canvas – vodka bottles.

Wedripz recently teamed up with Trust Me Vodka to create their upcoming limited-edition NFT collection featuring artwork by Mrsaintvon. Saint Von is a famous graffiti artist depicting pop culture characters in his signature style. The artist enjoys a massive following of almost a million TikTok followers and over half a million followers on Twitter and other social media channels. The artist’s Shopify store also ranks in the top 2% of stores.

Wedripz has partnered with Trust Me Vodka to create a limited edition artist box and bottles of Saint Von. The collab box consists of two vodka bottles of 750ml each, containing their award-winning spirit.

Framed bottles in the box feature artist Saint Von’s iconic cartoon characters and Idaho-made and distilled spirits made with local ingredients, ultimately delivering a smooth, sweet, and delicious taste. The intricate artwork on the bottle creates a lasting impression.

In addition to its taste and creativity, the limited-edition collection will feature QR codes on the back of the bottles that will take shoppers directly to the Wedripz homepage.

With this unique vision of NFT, Wedripz looks forward to more such unique future offerings. The founders are already beta testing their P2E (play-to-earn) game. Users can purchase the unique collaboration box to explore more offers from Wedripz. Once a user hits one of the 20 unique collections, they can get a large hand painted canvas of the same by Saint Von.

The entire Wedripz team is doxxed, and their dApp and smart contract are from Co.Labz LLC The limited edition Wedripz and Trust Me Vodka series consists of only 500 boxes and is very popular on Wedripz social media.

For more information on the Wedripz and Trust Me Vodka NFT art series, visit:

Wedripz website:

Trust Me Vodka website:

Join the Wedripz community:





Stage Manager in iPadOS 16 Developer Beta 1: First Look – An Exciting New Beginning Sat, 11 Jun 2022 20:38:15 +0000


This is a Stage Manager first look at the iPadOS 16 developer’s first beta 1 preview software. Our first impressions will likely be very different from the final public release, and features may be changed or even removed in the coming months.

Apple’s WWDC event is always good for at least a few surprising moments, but the company’s unveiling of Stage Manager in iPadOS 16, a new way to manage your windows on iPad, is one of the most seismic for users. of iPad.

After 12 years of iPads exclusively running full-screen software, this fall’s iPadOS update will allow users to resize app windows to a variety of sizes.