Website Beta Testing

How to create a website without coding?

200 degrees (CC0), Pixabay Most of your customers, existing and potential, will expect you to have a strong digital presence. A business website is the first thing they look for, before and sometimes even after making a purchase. Although websites have been around for a long time, the most frequently …

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New test detects COVID-19 variants in your sputum

A low-cost device allows consumers to self-test for the presence of multiple strains of SARS-CoV-2 at home. With the Delta variant wreaking havoc among unvaccinated populations, the ability to quickly diagnose and track emerging variants of the virus is crucial. Researchers have now created a simple, inexpensive, CRISPR-based diagnostic test …

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What is the right amount of prototype parts?

Speed ​​to market is essential. In our hyper-competitive industrial and consumer sectors, new product development is advancing faster than ever with no sign of slowing down. OEMs, suppliers and subcontractors struggle to meet customer demands and actively seek new solutions that improve processes and meet deadlines. Advances in rapid prototyping …

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