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How to get an @Duck email address

through Alexandru Poloboc News editor With an overwhelming desire to always get to the bottom of things and find out the truth, Alex has spent most of his time working as a reporter, presenter, as well as on TV and radio … Read More Users can get it for free …

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“Ad bumpers” and “Ad click prompts”

YouTube is the world’s largest video sharing platform where thousands of videos are posted every day across multiple categories such as entertainment, technology, music, education, among others. After all, it is the second most visited website with over 21 billion monthly active users. On the flip side, thousands of content …

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Everything about downloading and installing

iOS does a great job of keeping things simple enough that ordinary people can pick up an iPhone or iPad without being intimidated by the overly complex interfaces found on many Android devices. The iPhone is part phone, portable media player, and game console. It engages a different group of …

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