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Seeking executive level resume writing services means that you are preparing to become a boss. In this case, you can get quick assistance from various reputable web resources

( – June 4, 2021) – Search for executive summary ‌ writing executive level services means you are preparing to become a boss. In this case, you can get quick assistance from various reputable web resources, such as But how come being your own boss markets you in a competitive environment?

Although this journey is difficult, entrepreneurship can be rewarding. The main problem with a perfect formula for starting a successful business is that you won’t be able to find it anywhere. Here is the list of tips compiled by people who have already dared to achieve their dreams of becoming business owners.

Checklist of the most important steps to get started

Being your own boss can be really scary. Bad luck and intuition aside, you’ll need time, resources, skills, and careful planning to capitalize on your experience. As a new business owner, you will put everything on the line and have a lot to lose with no idea of ​​your chances of success.

Only expert advice and tutoring can help you gain a foothold in the market, lay the foundation for a new business, and take the first step considered to be the most difficult. You can use the following tips as a road map to inspire you as soon as you are ready to move forward with your idea.

# 1. Identify the USP or single point of sale.

A unique selling point or proposition, often known as a USP, is what you need above all to focus on the marketing strategy to set yourself apart from the competition. While forming an opinionated and deliberate USP, you must remember that it influences messaging, branding, copywriting, and other marketing decisions. Summarize it in one sentence to memorize and use it to surpass the strengths.

# 2. Find an advisor for your startup.

No one is experienced enough the first time they start a business. Engaging in a mentoring or counseling program is the way to avoid common mistakes, building on the experience of those who are successful. Seek the help of a business advisor and be open to honest outside feedback on what you are doing. Networking events, entrepreneurial “hot spots”, LinkedIn and Twitter, small business development centers, SCORE or industrial centers are the best places to get the right contacts.

# 3. Write a business plan.

Having a business plan put on paper gives you a better understanding of how to make the business viable and improves your potential growth rate. A strong business plan sets out the clear goal, analyzes the competition, figures the budget, presents the marketing plan, and sets up a clear business structure, attracting more investors.

# 4. Use the advantages of information technology.

In addition to a brand, you need to register an appropriate domain name and select a web host to create your own website. If you’re not a coder, use out-of-the-box solutions from Unbounce, Google Sites, Weebly, Godaddy, WordPress, or Yola. You will update and improve it later. For pre-order forms, use Wufoo and Google Forms, which integrate easily into sites and require minimal coding skills. At the same time, a page on a social network or a blog on Facebook, Linkedin, Instagram or Twitter will be a great sales pitch for attracting more customers.

# 5. Consider the hardware and software.

Think about what technology to use – you’ll need laptops, tablets, smartphones, a local area network, and powerful business software and apps for the job. Some of them, such as Google Docs and Microsoft Office, are available online, others must be purchased. To keep data accessible from anywhere and securely so that you don’t lose business, you can use cloud-based software.

# 6. Organize all the formalities.

First of all, complete the paperwork with the organization of the tax identification number and registration with the tax office. You should avoid using the private data of your personal bank accounts to keep your business finances. So, your next step will be to create a business bank account, credit card, and PayPal account. Do not forget to set up business insurance and speak to a broker to obtain a suitable package.

# 7. Hire an accountant.

Many startups need professional advice and need accounting services every step of the way. It is the accountant who decides the most suitable business format, establishes the accounting records, executes profit and loss forecasts, lists tax deductible expenses to make you pay as little tax as possible and can also do all the paperwork for you.

Work around the clock and win!

As you can see, a single brilliant idea will not be enough to guarantee success. To make your business dream come true, you need to determine if you are right to run a business. Being an entrepreneur means thinking outside the box, monitoring the potential market and mobilizing all your troops for hard work to achieve your goals. And your inner motivation and your smart decisions with our expert advice are the factors that define success!

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Gillian is a talented writer with a strong research approach to the career field. Has more than 12 years of experience in writing and editing CVs, LinkedIn profiles. Education Master of Fine Arts, Writing Eastern Washington University.

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Don’t Click These “Walmart” URLs On Illinois Facebook Groups Thu, 03 Jun 2021 16:34:53 +0000

Another day … another spam. The old adage “too good to be true” needs to be prioritized more than ever before. Seriously, always use caution when things like you’re about to appear in a text message or on Facebook groups.

For the fourth time this week, I saw similar “Walmart Relief Program” links sent to my phone and shared within local Facebook groups. I tell you, they are wrong.

Here’s what those posts / links might look like on Facebook and on your phone.

On Facebook

Aside from “too good to be to be true,” another indication is that comments are turned off, which is not typical in most Facebook groups linked to the city. Another, in my opinion, is “ADMIN APPROVED” at the beginning of the message.

Stop yelling at us, it won’t make me believe it’s real. Stopped.

On your phone

Here is one of the texts I received. (Yes, more than one appeared to me via text message.)

Never click on these links, neither in a text, neither on Facebook, nor in an e-mail. Just leave. Or, if you’re like me, respond with GIFs, jokes, questions, or emojis. Nine times out of ten, you will never receive a follow-up response.

Remember, these scammers know that the coronavirus pandemic has caused a lot of financial hardship for families. Like a real ——-, they try to take advantage of whoever wants to, by any means necessary.

READ MORE: See 50 remote jobs that can pay well

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A triple whammy of news gathering bad luck | Football Wed, 02 Jun 2021 15:47:00 +0000


The football world is only trolling the Fiver now. Gareth Southgate announced the England squad for Euro 2020 yesterday afternoon at 5 p.m. and didn’t even start talking about it until 6 p.m. And then, six minutes later, as readers and Fiver wondered why the hell they were bothering, our three-fold news-gathering woe was complete, as one of the biggest clubs in the country suddenly found itself without manager! Carlo Ancelotti had seized his first chance of a two-handed strikeout, telling Everton to make one, then waltzing down Goodison Road, whistling, aware that he was probably heading in the wrong direction for Madrid, but whatever , running away is the most important thing for the moment, it can recalibrate itself later, once it is well cleared.

To be fair, how much exactly the Fiver lost yesterday due to his Fiveishness is a moot point. Southgate didn’t say anything important, never does, as players took turns sending out a series of tweets – “My pride in pulling on the shirt is limitless”, “Let’s make this summer special”, “Always believe in yourself, shut up the doubters “- who suggest writing post-career plans for clothing manufacturers is no exception. England face Austria tonight in a friendly at the alma mater of Southgate, the Riverside, a game in which Jesse Lingard, replacing the absent contingent from Chelsea, Manchester City and Manchester United, is almost certainly going to score a hat-trick, due to not having made the last 26. You know how these things work. .

That said, there’s a good chance Austria will only record their second victory on English soil, having won eight of their last 10 friendlies. If they succeed, at least all of their efforts will be televised this time; In 1965, the winner of Toni Fritsch’s 81st minute at Wembley remained on the ITV editing room floor, the match instead culminating in a jump cut to a belted rendition of the national anthem. What a glorious nation!

So while everyone patiently awaits England’s first pre-tournament test, the Fiver are pretty confident he won’t be caught with his pants down tonight. Unless Everton throws a presser at 5:03 p.m. to announce a dream ticket from Rafa Benítez and Steven Gerrard, in which case we’ll tell you all about it tomorrow at 5:00 p.m., with more information on that break-in at the Democratic National Committee headquarters in Washington DC, but to be frank, we’re not sure this particular story has legs.


Join Scott Murray for England v Austria and Paul Doyle for all other friendly international Euro 2020 warm-up action.


“They called me from the club to see if I wanted Luis Suárez and I laughed. I said, ‘Are you serious? Like crazy. Go for him. Let me call him. I called. and I said, “Look Luis we have to win and you want to win” – the phone call from Diego Simeone who changed the La Liga season leads this year’s edition of the Sids: the full review of the Liga 2020-21!

It’s the Sid! Composite: AP, AFP via Getty Images; Shutterstock; Pressinphoto / Icon Sport / Getty Images


It’s the football weekly!

Weekly Football

Football Weekly: selection of the England team and arrival of Ancelotti


Speaking of which, tickets are available now for Football Weekly Live’s special Euro Not 2020 preview on June 10. Get them while they’re hot.


“Re: Conference League names. Big bogus? It’s a name that will certainly keep The Fiver’s interest, if no one else.

“And the Eurine Cup? – Kevin Windle.

“As an exercise in unnecessary tournaments, the Europa Conference couldn’t do worse than being called the Northants Senior Cup. Even my beloved town of Kettering finds it annoying” – Giordy Salvi.

Send your letters to, or tweet The Fiver via @guardian_sport. Today’s winner receives a copy of the comedy-thriller football by AD Stephenson, A cloud can weigh a million pounds. Congratulation to … Giordy Salvi. Other copies to be won this week!


Ticketless Scotland fans have been urged not to travel to London for the England game on June 18.

A Premier League study found that only 26% of fans support the use of VAR. “There is a clear feeling among fans that VAR has ruined the spontaneity of the goal celebrations and taken away much of our happiest moments of the day,” FSA Vice President Tom Greatrex said.

Mike Dean and his VAR machine
Mike Dean and his VAR machine. Photograph: Jack Thomas – WWFC / Wolves / Getty Images

Wolfsburg has appointed former Dutch international Mark van Bommel as their new head coach. “To be allowed to work as a coach in the Bundesliga where I played for a long time is a great honor and a challenge that I will take up with a lot of commitment,” he roared.

Scotland’s plans for Euro 2020 are in chaos after six other players were excluded from the friendly against the Netherlands.

In other Euro 2020 news, unsold Wembley hospitality tickets could mean additional seats for fans.


Burmese football is in crisis as withdrawals and threats of suspension follow a coup, writes John Duerden.

Have players been promoted twice from the same division in the same season? Knowledge has the answer.

Mbappé in Miami? Pulisic in Philly? Which American cities will host the 2026 World Cup? Tom Dart takes the leap.

Henderson’s sterling form and physical form mean dilemmas for Gareth Southgate, writes David Hytner.

This is the Euro Not 2020 expert network! Check out the team guides for Turkey, Wales, Belgium and Denmark, as well as detailed profiles of the major players.

Oh, and if that’s your thing … you can follow Big Website on Big Social FaceSpace. And INSTACHAT, ALSO!


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GZ6G Technologies’ expansion continues with the opening of a new West Coast regional office in Irvine, California Wed, 02 Jun 2021 11:13:45 +0000

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A new 6,500 square foot office extension allows GZ6G Technologies to house the four divisions; Green Zebra Smart Labs, Green Zebra Smart Networks, Green Zebra Smart Data and Green Zebra Smart Media

LAS VEGAS, NV, June 02, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – via NewMediaWire – GZ6G Technologies (OTCMarkets: GZIC), the complete provider of intelligent enterprise solutions for large sites and cities, has opened a new regional office on the West Coast in Irvine, Calif., To meet the rapid growth of its divisions and take advantage of the technological diversity of the region’s talent pool. The new 6,500 square foot office space, which includes a warehouse, is located at One Technology Park at 1 Technology Drive, Building B, Suite B123, Irvine, Calif., And will house the four divisions of GZ6G Technologies; Green Zebra Smart Labs, Green Zebra Smart Networks, Green Zebra Smart Data and Green Zebra Smart Media, as well as human resources and accounting.

“The decision to open our regional office in Irvine’s booming technology sector was a logical next step in the growth and strategy of our business,” said Coleman Smith, President and CEO of GZ6G Technologies. “Irvine is known as the ‘City of Innovation’ and is home to many Fortune 1000 technology companies. This location allows us to expand our staffing capabilities with technology-driven people as well as increase our ability to support our current and future clients on the West Coast.

GZ6G Technologies will house all divisions in these offices and plans to expand to other cities in the near future. The offices will also be a showroom for all the technologies available to customers, such as IoT software user engagement applications, Wi-Fi 6 technology, IPTV screens and high-tech security cameras, etc.

This West Coast regional office will also be a training center for future Green Zebra employees and house the sales and marketing teams for Green Zebra Smart Media and Green Zebra Smart Networks. For more information visit:

About GZ6G technologies:

GZ6G Technologies is the complete provider of intelligent enterprise solutions for large sites and cities. Focused on acquiring smart city solutions, developing innovative products, and overseeing smart cities and smart places, GZ6G Technologies also helps clients modernize their innovative wireless IoT technologies for emerging 5G and Wi-Fi markets. 6. Target markets include stadiums, airports, universities and smart city projects. Constantly evolving and innovative, the intelligent solutions of GZ6G Technologies consist of four divisions, Green Zebra smart grids: offers fully integrated wireless and IT infrastructure solutions for business opportunities. Green Zebra technical teams will also provide managed services support and technical support for networking hardware and software for enterprise level customers. Smart data of the green zebra: The Green Zebra Smart Data Centers division will focus on safe and secure data management and cloud computing solutions for GZ6G Technologies divisions, as well as co-location and hosting options for sites, cities and customers. Green Zebra smart labs: Integrated IoT software applications for business, industry, and user engagement technology, as well as artificial intelligence and analytics for historical data, operations forecasting, and monetization, to name a few . Green Zebra Smart Media, a majority owned subsidiary of Gz6G Technology Corp: A full-service marketing and advertising division for clients that includes public relations, copywriting, branding and all creative needs. Since 2017, GZ6G Technologies has been the smart and trusted solutions provider for clients such as Governor’s Island, NY and New York City, to name a few. For more information visit Twitter @ gz6tech

Media contact: Arlene bordinhao

INVESTOR contact: Coleman smith

Safe Harbor Declaration:

In addition to historical information, this press release may contain statements that constitute forward-looking statements. The forward-looking statements contained in this press release include the intention, belief or expectations of the company and members of its management team with respect to the future business operations of the company and the assumptions on which these statements are based. .

Potential investors are cautioned that these forward-looking statements are not guarantees of future performance and involve risks and uncertainties, and that actual results may differ materially from those contemplated by these forward-looking statements.

Factors that could cause these differences include, but are not limited to, inability to achieve expected sales in negotiations, lack of revenue growth, service interruptions, inability to achieve improvements in terms performance, efficiency and profitability, and unfavorable development with respect to litigation or increased litigation costs, the operation or performance of the Company’s business units or the market price of its ordinary shares.

Additional factors which would cause actual results to differ materially from those contemplated in this press release are also available on the Company’s website. The company assumes no responsibility for updating forward-looking statements.

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Namibia: Arts Council refutes corruption allegations Tue, 01 Jun 2021 00:08:31 +0000

Namibia National Arts Council (NACN) chairman Patrick Sam admitted incidents of maladministration, citing lack of capacity and human resources and refuting allegations of corruption in the council.

Sam was responding to former board member Leitago / Narib, who resigned from the board for a variety of reasons, including awarding a N $ 100,000 tender for a website design by a company that does not specialize in website creation and whose managing director Shareen Thude is also the vice-chairman of the board.

“This is corruption because the Craft Center has no jurisdiction in website development and Shareen Thude is both the general manager of the Craft Center and the vice president of the Arts Council,” said / Narib.

He said the Namibian $ 100,000 cost for a website was way above the normal cost of a website (even after including photography), and when he raised the issue countless times with others board members, he was treated like a troublemaker and said the decision was made.

“I think Patrick Sam and Shareen Thude have continuously defended the Namibian $ 100,000 website without ever wondering how a memorandum of understanding can be signed by the president on behalf of NACN and by Thude on behalf of the craft center. . signed by the first two of the NACN board of directors. This should raise red flags, ”/ Narib said.

Sam Said / Narib was a senior member of NACN with the right to vote and he chose to vote for the approval of a contract with the Namibia Craft Center for the development of a catalog of handcrafted gifts that can mainly be obtained by public institutions for events such as state galas, international visitors and national events.

He said: “The accusations of fraud and corruption made on social media, attacking the NACN and members of its board, are without foundation or evidence.”

“NACN did not give the Craft Center 100,000 Namibian Dollars just for a website, but also included a fully integrated e-commerce platform and portal for crafts, photography, marketing. and editorial staff in Namibia. Clearly the allocation was not just for a website. as claimed, but for a service capable of managing the value chain for artisans who migrate to an online platform to the end consumer, ”added Sam.

He said the corruption allegations against the institution threatened not only the council’s mandate but also the funding of artists.

“If there are any allegations of corruption, appeal to the Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) and then deal with it because there are systems to deal with it,” Sam said.