Cheap stocks to watch 2022

Cheap stocks are gaining popularity. Barriers to entry to investing are falling, so many more people can participate. And not only that, but a wider range of income types have access to financial education and freedom. Plus, cheap stocks are a fun way to make money. And many investors are looking for the best cheap stocks to watch now.

Ultimately, there’s one main reason cheap stocks are popular. And that’s the “this investment could make me rich” aspect. And that’s true. Many of the most popular brands today started out as penny stocks or very cheap stocks.

And now we all have access to better financial education. Thus, it becomes easier to predict which companies will succeed and be successful in the future. And it gives these projects more momentum, earlier and faster than ever before.

These cheap stocks tend to be volatile. And while that can make you rich, it can also mean bad things for your investment. It is therefore important to educate yourself and practice with small quantities.

Why do you want cheap stocks?

A big thing to consider is why you want stocks to be cheap. Is it because they have a lower entry price? Is it because they tend to have higher volatility? What do you mean by “cheap”? Cheap in price? Cheap in value?

It makes sense to consider all of these things. And answer it yourself. This will give you a much more focused way of looking at stocks. And, creating your portfolio for that matter. Which in the end will give you better quality and better performance.

The best cheap stocks to watch

  • Western Copper and Gold Corp. (NYSE: WRN)
  • Golden Ocean Group Ltd. (Nasdaq: GOGL)
  • Huttig Building Products Inc. (Nasdaq:HBP)
  • Ambev SA (NYSE: ABEV)
  • Up Fintech Holding Ltd. (Nasdaq: TIGR)
  • ICL Group Ltd. (NYSE: ICL)
  • Evolution Petroleum Corp. (NYSE:EPM)
  • MoneyLion Inc. (NYSE: ML)

Cheap stocks to watch in 2022

No. 8 Western Copper and Gold Corp.

Copper is a resource that has been useful for a long time. And it’s still worth a lot of money because of how useful it is. And the same applies to gold. It is an excellent hedge against inflation. And there’s been plenty of that lately.

This cheap stock is currently growing in Canada. And the company operates a project and it affectionately bears its name, The Casino Project.

No. 7 Golden Ocean Group Ltd.

This cheap stock is a shipping company. This is another market that has been doing quite well for a few years. As shipping backup catches up with us, these types of businesses are doing very well. They are probably running at full capacity. Which means more revenue. And an opportune time for their growth. Both for its core business and for its customers.

Something interesting about Golden Ocean is their insane dividend yield. Now, this can sometimes raise a red flag. It is therefore important not to rush head first because of the huge dividend.

No. 6 Huttig construction products

Real estate and infrastructure are two other sectors that have been getting a lot of attention lately. This cheap stock is a great mix of these two markets. So it’s reasonable to expect Huttig’s stock to do well. It’s more in the real estate market. Thus, home building products, such as doors, decking, siding, etc.

Although it offers dozens of other brands, it also has its own line of bindings. And, it produces those which are useful for house building as well as commercial constructions.

No. 5 Ambev SA

This cheap stock is a couple of merged brewing companies that went into their own business. And it’s a Brazilian company. Now it has also merged with Anheuser-Busch! Ambev produces and is a partner in all kinds of beverages. Including soft drinks, energy drinks and of course beer.

Ambev has received dozens of awards. And not just for its drinks. Corporate awards are also won by Ambev. Moreover, this stock has a long history, dating back to 1853. With a long history, the stock price has had many ups and downs. And recently, it’s coming out of a trough. So this might be the perfect time to put some money into that cheap stock.

No. 4 Up Fintech Ltd.

This cheap head office in China. It has a main brand called Tiger Brokers. And this company helps global investors build their portfolio with ease and security. Up Fintech is an online broker. And its goal is to provide greater efficiency to investors. So their money can work harder for them.

What’s great about this company is that it has a “Stock College” section on the website. This is a collection of videos that educate people about stocks. And trading and investing them, of course.

No.3 ICL Group Ltd.

ICL is a cheap stock and an Israeli company that manufactures mineral products. And that includes products for the industrial, food and agricultural industries. Moreover, he is very focused on innovating and creating sustainable answers to these processes.

They use the UN Sustainable Development Goals. And the three main ones of these goals include the abolition of poverty and hunger. The third being quality health and wellness.

No. 2 Evolution Petroleum Corp.

It is no secret that the oil and gas markets are experiencing a sharp rise in prices. And when oil and gas prices rise, so does the accompanying stock price. This cheap stock got a good taste of those increases. Revenue, share price and earnings are all up significantly.

Founded in 1994, Evolution Petroleum is headquartered in Texas. It is therefore an American company with a long history behind it. Moreover, offering a dividend yield above 4% will certainly attract new investors.

Cheap Stocks to Watch #1 MoneyLion Inc.

This cheap stock has a market cap of over $500 million. So there is plenty of room for investors to come in and make money. This app aims to make finance easily accessible for the population that has not yet reached 1% status. The company provides savings, investment and other financial resources.

It has a wide range of major investors in the business. And, MoneyLion isn’t shy about showing off its many awards. Including the Forbes Fintech 50 2020 and a handful of awards from various websites. These are for wealth management, top digital banks and others. All of these facts put together indicate that this cheap stock is a good investment.

Vanessa Adelman graduated with an interdisciplinary degree. She specialized in entrepreneurship, painting, music and cinema. Soon after, she received a writing mentorship from Mark Morgan Ford. Then she got her AWAI verification. Today, Vanessa is a freelancer in the financial direct response industry. She has been investing since 2016. In her free time, she enjoys books about money and wealth. She loves being with her boyfriend, hunting, fishing and having outdoor adventures.

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