City of Bridgewater shares information on layout and interior features of proposed new fire headquarters

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A rendering of the proposed Bridgewater Fire Headquarters building. (Photo courtesy of Jacunski Humes Architects, LLC)

BRIDGEWATER — City Manager Michael Dutton and the Fire Hall Building Committee would like to share details with the community regarding the layout and interior features of the proposed Bridgewater Fire Headquarters.

There is a lack of space in the current Bridgewater Fire Headquarters building for supplies, equipment, records and administrative needs. The apparatus bays are also too small to house all the fire vehicles that are supposed to be at headquarters. The living facilities of the firefighters are dilapidated and the building lacks areas accessible to people with disabilities and adapted toilets.

The proposed new station is designed to have the appropriate space to accommodate the station’s current personnel and equipment, and has room for future growth.

On the ground floor of the proposed station is a new decontamination room to clean equipment when firefighters return from calls where contamination was likely, as well as dedicated storage areas for medical supplies, parts and tools , and other equipment.

The current station lacks space for current firefighter equipment, new or additional equipment, and equipment for newly hired firefighters. The new fire station is designed with a large room on the ground floor which is equipped with a large number of lockers to store firefighters’ response equipment as well as additional equipment.

The layout also includes office and administrative space needed for training and EMS officers, fire prevention and emergency management personnel. In addition, there is a conference room and a training room which will enable the department to conduct more on-site trainings. The classroom will also serve as an emergency operations center in the event of an emergency or crisis.

The upper floor of the station’s proposed design includes modern living facilities for on-duty firefighters, including private sleeping areas, dozens of lockers for firefighters’ belongings, and a dedicated physical training room. Accessible restrooms for men and women are also located in the resort, along with a kitchen, dining room, and living room.

The new station will also have appropriately sized switchgear bays for fire vehicles. There are a number of newer and larger vehicles that should be accommodated at the current Central Station, but due to its age and size, the station is not equipped to accommodate some vehicles. The proposed new station includes the necessary bay space and building height for the station’s multiple ambulances, motors and cars, as well as the tower truck and airboat.

The proposed fire station layout can be viewed here.

A portion of the funding included in a debt exclusion proposal will go towards necessary mechanical and other work at Station 2 (Prattown), including improving storage spaces for equipment kept outside, which will extend the useful life of the equipment.

Voters will be asked if they approve of the proposed debt exclusion on the ballot in the municipal election on Saturday, April 23. The project would be funded through a debt foreclosure, which allows the city to take on debt to pursue capital projects while temporarily increasing the tax rate. Once the project’s debt service is completed, the tax rate decreases. Polls are open 7 a.m. to 8 p.m. at Mitchell at Middle School, 166 Mt. Prospect St.

About the project:

The Bridgewater Fire Headquarters, located at 22 School Street, has been around since the late 1850s. Today, the fire station serves as the headquarters and accommodates over 50 people. In 2019, an ad hoc committee was convened to review the existing station, determine the needs for modern service, find a potential new location for the station, and determine how the city can best fill the gaps in the existing station.

A new station is proposed to be constructed at 1185 Pleasant St. This location is approximately 2.7 miles from the existing Central Station and provides improved fire and EMS coverage for the West Bridgewater area.

Voters will be asked to approve a $23 million debt foreclosure to fund fire plant projects. About $2 million of that funding would go towards necessary mechanical and other upgrades to Station 2 (Prattown), which was built in 2000.

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Further information about the project is also available on the website of the city’s new fire headquarters.


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