Content Creator and Marketing Manager

The Ezra Group is recruiting!

We are looking for an enthusiastic, organized and organized individual to become our in-house content creator and marketing manager

The role is 2-3 days per week and will be an on-site role in Elsternwick

About Us

We are a family business that runs 4 businesses under the corporate umbrella. Joining this team means you are not an employee, you are part of our company and part of our family.

The role involves

We are looking for a dynamic, enthusiastic and passionate individual to join the Ezra Group – comprised of a tile company, interior design studio and homeware line – AHW Georgia Ezra

This job requires someone who loves

  • Manage and strategize campaigns across multiple platforms, such as social media (Instagram, Tiktok, Pinterest, and Google)
  • Create content, beautiful images, photos, videos and reels… for website and video
  • Likes to tell stories through pictures and writing…
  • Don’t be afraid to put on a garment or lounge piece for a reel or an Insta story.
  • Loves styling and photography.
  • This is a part-time rotation 2-3 days per week.


  • Full social media and marketing management across all social media accounts
  • Copywriting and content writing skills for Instagram posts, EDMs, campaigns and more.
  • Instagram management and starting/configuring a new Tiktok account and familiarity with Facebook advertising as well as SEO to work with our SEO team
  • Graphic design for EDM newsletters and whatever is needed.
  • Good knowledge of e-commerce and online retail with the ability to strategize and suggest campaign timeline content throughout the year
  • Excellent understanding of how to create basic movies using IMovie, canva, etc. for Instagram posts and blogs, as well as creating custom GIFs
  • Initiative and enthusiasm in taking photos on iPhone and photos with our company camera as well as editing photos as needed
  • Intelligent and hardworking with great initiative, so if you haven’t done something before, you’ll study what and how to do it
  • Have experience with Klaviyo, Instagram and Shopify and if not, very intrigued and excited to learn
  • Storyteller and writing enthusiast.
  • Confident to create flat lays and put together mood boards for photoshoots, while being creative with our branding and online look
  • Confident in creating beautiful style images for website and social media.
  • Strong organizational skills, with the ability to multi-task, manage time effectively and prioritize a varied workload
  • All in all, someone with incredible initiative, passion, getting the job done and enthusiastic about designing and selling

We are happy to hear from you!

Contact Details;

If you think you are well suited for this role, please email

[email protected] with a resume, cover letter, and examples of past social media work.

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