Convert more sales with these 10 expert tips

Social media subscribers and website views are excellent. But if you can’t actually convert them into paying customers, your business can’t make a profit. Selling requires several techniques and skills that are often underestimated. But the members of the online small business community are here for you. Read their tips below.

Master these skills to increase your sales

Selling is a skill. But it also involves several other skills. If you want to sell more and make a profit, here Here are some areas to work on from Harry Vaishnav of Small Biz Viewpoints. After reading, head over to BizSugar to see which members had to say.

Find the best WordPress landing page plugins

Landing pages can be incredibly powerful sales tools. They send leads to a dedicated page designed specifically for conversion. So how do you create one? Adam Connell of the Blog Creation Assistant actions some of the best plugins for WordPress sites here.

Emulate these sample landing pages

Once you have the infrastructure in place to create a landing page, it’s time to add some content. This can help inspire other brands who are using landing pages successfully. This GetResponse message by Qhubekani Nyathi includes 15 examples to emulate.

Improve your click-through rate for lead generation

If you want to generate leads from your website, you need to optimize your click-through rate. But how can you accomplish this? Elechi Emekobum Offers advice in this article from

Use Gmail as a CRM

CRM platforms can be invaluable in increasing sales. But new businesses may not have the resources to invest in a quality tool. Fortunately, Gmail has some features you can use to get by in the early days. Ivana taylor actions tips in this DIY Marketers article.

Create great B2B proposals

Proposals and pitches are often part of the sales process of B2B companies. So you have to bring out yours. In this Small Biz Daily article, Himaan Chatterji offers a explanation on the main components of efficient locations.

Improve conversions with Heat Map software

Heatmaps are tools designed to show you how people are interacting with your website. When used correctly, they can help you make adjustments that increase conversions. Learn more in this Startup Bonsai post by Matt Moran.

Drive conversions with direct response writing

Copywriting is often viewed as an effective business tool for inbound marketing. But it can also boost sales when used in the right context. In this Klint Marketing article, Moss Clement details direct marketing and its potential impact on sales. The members of BizSugar then discussed the post further here.

Adjust for Google changes

For local businesses, how you appear in Google search results can be a big factor in determining conversions. The search engine recently changed the way some results are displayed on mobile. To learn more, Lily this Bright Local post by Stephanie Newton.

Check out these trends in local reviews

Reviews can be another major factor in converting local customers. So what has changed in this area in 2021? Joy hawkins go over some relevant trends in this Search Engine Land post.

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