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Janay White of J. White Credit University is committed to providing young people with the knowledge and wisdom to earn great credit while having fun. To achieve this goal, she partnered with Dr Shanna M. Carter of Krumpin 4 Success, Inc. to host the Personal Credit Youth Seminar held at the Clanzel Brown Community Center in the north. Almost 100 parents and young people ready to learn about personal credit attended the one-day event.

“It was such an incredible participation for the young people of our city. We are passionate about helping our young African Americans achieve financial freedom, ”said Dr. Carter. White’s diverse resume includes positions as a social worker, fraud investigator and income auditor. At 18, she received her first loan from the Vystar Credit Union for $ 500 and immediately ruined her credit due to lack of education and ignorance. She was held hostage by bad credit for seven years, at the age of 25 she started rebuilding her credit and researching how to increase her scores. She became infatuated with all things credit and began to be approved for all credit applications. This led her to become a debt slave. Once she understood the process and the laws of credit scores and loans, she realized that having good credit without being educated on credit was an impending disaster.

“’I’ve learned my lesson, and now I’m determined to stop other members of our community from following the same path of credit destruction. It was a spiritual and emotional satisfaction to see a room filled with teenagers and their parents filling out a room to learn about credit. I look forward to making myself available so that I can offer these events more oftenWhite said. We see White addressing the students.


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