Crypto Eats Expected to Take Significant Share of $ 16.6 Billion Delivery App Market

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London, Oct. 16, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – After a successful $ 8 million Series A funding secured in 2020. Many outside observers wondered what was going on, which seemed on first inspection to be a bit more than a normal food delivery app. How could such a low-key idea of ​​accepting cryptocurrency as a form of payment for your food attract such interest from the cryptocurrency community?

Well this is the real first step for Crypto Eats to allow people to use cryptocurrency as a means of payment for real world items, he bridged the gap and found a way. ” use cryptocurrency with this duty cycle. The answer is more fascinating than its humble origins suggest. And today the founder Wade Phillips. Who started Crypto Eats out of frustration with no real consumer use factors for cryptocurrencies.

The Crypto Eats food delivery app will launch on October 1 for members of the public to use its app with the launch of its Eats token where users who pay in its native token will receive 5% off its total cost per ordered. Aiming to use the $ 1.5 trillion market cap community to its advantage to help accelerate the move towards a decentralized food delivery system.

With the launch of token analyst Eats, the analyst has estimated that it will hit $ 1 billion in market cap over the next 6 months with its Series A investors unable to sell until 2025 with the project.

The expected growth over the next four years for this emerging market is expected to increase by 20% per year, with Crypto Eats becoming the main competitor and funding to make it the leader in cryptocurrency-based food delivery.

A recent survey found that cryptocurrency holders are looking for new ways to spend their digital currency in the real world. application on launch day.

With successful beta tests that took place in the summer of 2021 in and around London, with the participation of such franchises from Nando’s and McDonalds restaurants. it has been a resounding success with its 1,000 private users who have used and tested the app to improve efficiency and customer service and fix any bugs that arise, said the owner taking his time and not rushing the app. development phase, they are now in a position to compete head-on with Uber Eats and Delivaroo thanks to its algorithm-based blockchain-implemented software that helps run an efficient food delivery business. Eat the HQ for support.

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