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Manage vulnerability

Fundraising Institute Australia (FIA) has launched a new short course on understanding and managing donor and supporter vulnerability, developed as a result of the FIA ​​Code Authority’s compliance monitoring of code-related issues.

Over the past two years, monitoring FIA members’ compliance with the FIA ​​Code has shown the challenges fundraisers face in listening to donors’ clues and signals in potentially dangerous circumstances. vulnerable – an issue with growing and heightened awareness for fundraising organizations of all types and sizes.

The new course is led by a highly experienced senior fundraiser, delivered online for two hours, covering key areas such as:

  • what constitutes vulnerability;
  • why it is so important; and
  • how you can improve our ability to recognize and identify vulnerability and a way forward to develop a framework for organizations facing vulnerability.

Responding to huge demand, the FIA ​​offers the course once a month, allowing for small group discussions and case studies.

The course follows on from the FIA ​​Code course which is designed to provide FIA ​​members and those involved in fundraising with a practical understanding of the code and how to conduct fundraising in accordance with best practice. ethics.

The FIA’s mission is to advance ethical and best-practice fundraising and it uses its mission as a training institute to ensure that fundraising professionals have all the necessary tools to have an even greater impact.

career advancement

While ensuring ethical best practices through the Code Course and the Vulnerability Management Course, the FIA ​​is also the leading provider of continuing professional education to advance your career.

The FIA ​​offers short courses that quickly equip fundraisers with solid practical skills. A day ago Fundraising essentials workshop for those just starting out in fundraising. Those further along in their careers can hone their skills through short courses like Writing for Impact and Donor journey mapping.

A more detailed study of fundraising is available for mid-level and senior fundraisers via the FIA Certificate in Professional Fundraising or 12 months Fundraising professional degree.

All FIA courses allow fundraising professionals to earn points towards the CFRE (Certified Fund Raising Executive) qualification.

The digital and data imperative

The FIA ​​continues its partnership with digital ninjas deliver a Digital gifts in testamentary strategies of course, to show fundraisers how to create more impact with their legacy programs. In this one-day course, Director and Founder of Digital Ninjas, Jonathon Dawson, will explain how to acquire qualified leads through digital channels and how to create the perfect proposal, audience targeting best practices, and tips for managing creation and supporters. trips.

Donor Retention Digital Fundraising is handled by professional fundraiser and digital expert Maisa Lopes Gomes and dives deep into digital and data to help you develop a warm base and cultivate new opportunities. Richard Harris, a seasoned data-driven marketing and analytics professional, offers Donor Privacy and Data Protection, where you’ll learn about your own data, how to prepare for risk, and anticipate and adapt to future changes.

FIA also offers courses in the areas of bequests and major gifts, both of which are in high demand in the current climate, and focus on building skills from early career to advanced fundraising.

Offers are available at the FIA ​​website.

Free mentoring program offered to members

Marking an increasingly important means of advancing in their careers, FIA members have access to the FIA national mentorship program which has impacted the lives and careers of hundreds of members since its national launch in 2019.

Through the program, mentees can get career advice, find support for their ideas, and learn more about the fundraising industry. For mentors, it’s a chance to give back to the profession and pass on their considerable knowledge and expertise to an interested audience.

The FIA ​​also offers internal training, which can be customized and tailored to the needs of a fundraising team. There is also the pinnacle of the profession – the CFRE. The FIA ​​regularly offers CFRE study sessions to help fundraisers prepare for this prestigious, world-recognized title.

FIA courses are currently offered online (self-paced or tutor-led), but in-person sessions are planned for the second half of 2022.

Need to know more ? Ring FIA at 1300 889 670, email [email protected] or visit

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