Delta Media Breaks Tech Clutter with New “Delta Fresh” Ads

TOWNSHIP, Ohio, October 5, 2021 / PRNewswire / – Digital marketing experts estimate the average person meets up to 10,000 announcements every day. The daily bombardment has increased about 20 times from about 500 announcements per day in the 1970s.

Real estate agents and brokers, in particular, are inundated with tech ads. Fueled by venture capital investment in ProTech companies, tens of billions of dollars are pouring into the real estate space.

“The competition for attention has never been greater,” said Aaron Geh, Head of Digital Marketing at Delta Media Group, one of the largest providers of real estate marketing technology. “As a tech company, you have to think outside the box to break through the massive advertising clutter,” he added.

Geh, who has spent more than two decades running technology-based marketing programs, worked with the WAV Group to develop a new way to stand out from conventional tech advertising. Tech ads, he notes, “all look pretty much the same.”

To focus on establishing the brand and differentiating Delta Media, Geh said, “We got rid of technology in our technology ads. “

New “Delta freshThe ad campaign debuts in the September issue of Real Estate Marketing & Technology magazine. Published by Delta, the print version of Real Estate Marketing & Technology magazine is distributed directly to 5,000 of the largest real estate brokerages across the world. ‘America. online version reaches approximately 10,000 additional real estate professionals.

“The heart of the Delta Media brand is to be different, and that means striving to be the best at everything we do,” Geh said. “Our new ad campaign uses powerful imagery to communicate our differentiation as better, or ‘Delta Fresh’, versus settling for something less, like in ‘Almost Fresh,’ he added. The focus is not on the technology, but on what the technology does. “

Delta fresh vs almost fresh ads
Delta Media is renowned for providing brokerage clients with the best data – updated in real time wherever possible directly from the local MLS or multiple listing service. The new advertisements indicate that Delta is providing the “fastest and most recent data available”, the alternative being less or “nearly fresh”.

Based on this theme, Delta’s product and service offerings are presented individually, including websites, CRM, SEO, email marketing, presentation software (showcasing its new local presentations by Delta Media ) and general marketing.

Images used in the unique ads include pizzas, sneakers, roses, bananas, burgers, shirts, apples, salads, and pasta. Example headlines include “How Fresh Is Your Data?” “,” Does your website need a new look? “,” How fresh is your SEO? “,” How cool is your display software? ” and more.

See the first online ad in Real Estate Marketing & Technology magazine October issue. Additional samples can be viewed here.

More information on Delta Media and its new local screening offer is available at and

About Delta Media Group
Delta Media Group, Inc., located at Canton, Ohio, is a leading and trusted technological partner for many major real estate brands. Creator of DeltaNET 6 and the new Local exhibitions application and platform, Delta offers real estatethe most advanced all-in-one digital marketing, CRM, back office and website platform. Delta Media Group is the only family-owned, family-operated technology innovator with no outside investor or venture capital funding. Delta Media Group is renowned for saving its customers money while reducing the frustration of managing multiple technologies online. Founded in 1994, Delta Media Group remains a leading innovator in real estate technology. Find out more about

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