Department of Labor CU shortens its name to CU of Labor

The new Labor Credit Union logo. (Source: Labor UC)

The credit union that got its start as a member-owned financial cooperative for the U.S. Department of Labor has simplified its name from Department of Labor Federal Credit Union to Labor Credit Union, the organization announced Wednesday.

The $114 million Washington, D.C.-based Labor CU also unveiled a new logo which, along with its new name, is “focused on greater inclusion of all who serve and support the movement. worker,” according to the announcement. Founded in 1935 to serve the DOL, the credit union said that while the federal government department will continue to be its primary sponsor, its new name reflects the credit union’s expanded service to other groups who work or support the labor movement.

“We are excited to move forward as Labor Credit Union,” said Thomas Domingue, CEO of Labor CU. “We were organized by workers, for workers to help them build a foundation of financial strength. The new brand reflects our desire to continue this movement by serving the entire working industry – whose members also work tirelessly to make a difference in the lives of many people.

The new logo depicts a human figure in the shape of a tree trunk holding a set of gears. According to an FAQ section on the Labor CU website, the gears represent diversity and inclusion among credit union members, while the human figure represents the credit union as the “roots” that support the members of Plow CU and help build their financial strength.

The credit union’s website will reflect its new name and logo beginning July 1, and in addition, its web address will change from to, according to the FAQ. Labor CU also noted that the refreshed branding will not result in any changes to member accounts or services.

The new name, logo and refreshed website will, however, be followed by an effort to expand the credit union’s locations beyond the two it currently operates at the Francis Perkins and Bureau of Labor Statistics buildings in Washington. , DC; Labor CU is currently planning for this expansion, he said.

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