Digital skills that every MBA student should be equipped with

The ongoing pandemic has dramatically altered the job market, resulting in a growing demand for digital skills. With a national unemployment rate reaching 8.32% in August 2021 according to the CMIE report, a simple MBA may not guarantee a great career. Here are five digital skills that every MBA student must master to stay relevant:

Technical writing: Managers must set goals and objectives on a mission and are essential for the progress of cross-functional or interdivisional team collaboration in a project and communicate probability, deliverables, controls from one team to another. They also communicate to managers the technical, financial and other needs of the teams. Thus, they must know the technical conditions of each field to write communication documents adapted to each. Therefore, technical writing ability is a necessity for MBA students as it is the cornerstone of competent correspondence within a company.

Data analysis: Data is the gold mine and the most important asset for every marketer. Data analysis is the process of studying data to gain new information that can be incorporated for growth. Managers also have to work on huge datasets for functions like forecasting sales, understanding industry designs, and forecasting buyer interest, future patterns, and inventory demands. So, MBA students should be endowed with knowledge of analysis tools like SPSS, Tableau, to name a few.

Website creation: Mastering website building is the most important in today’s digital world because it is where you will take your customer through social media, blogging, SEO, and other mediums. It’s a godsend that you no longer need programming skills to build a website. One can create a website through the Content Management System (CMS) website such as WordPress, Squarespace and eCommerce website with Dukaan, or join the Digital Institute program for free.

Search engine optimization: A must have skill for MBA students as it helps websites get more visibility, traffic, leads, and sales. Master SEO ranking factors – domain level, page level, site level, Google policies and its penalties, popular SEO tools for website auditing and competitor analysis, to name a few only a few.

Social Media Marketing: With the billions of users around the world actively using social media platforms, it is imperative that brands not only have a presence, but aggressively reach their targets. So, mastering social media algorithms and ad campaigning with analytics is important to gain hands-on marketing exposure. Learn how to categorize people by various parameters, then work on creating and designing relevant campaigns. MBA students should also learn how to develop campaigns for different social media platforms.

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