Don’t Click These “Walmart” URLs On Illinois Facebook Groups

Another day … another spam. The old adage “too good to be true” needs to be prioritized more than ever before. Seriously, always use caution when things like you’re about to appear in a text message or on Facebook groups.

For the fourth time this week, I saw similar “Walmart Relief Program” links sent to my phone and shared within local Facebook groups. I tell you, they are wrong.

Here’s what those posts / links might look like on Facebook and on your phone.

On Facebook

Aside from “too good to be to be true,” another indication is that comments are turned off, which is not typical in most Facebook groups linked to the city. Another, in my opinion, is “ADMIN APPROVED” at the beginning of the message.

Stop yelling at us, it won’t make me believe it’s real. Stopped.

On your phone

Here is one of the texts I received. (Yes, more than one appeared to me via text message.)

Never click on these links, neither in a text, neither on Facebook, nor in an e-mail. Just leave. Or, if you’re like me, respond with GIFs, jokes, questions, or emojis. Nine times out of ten, you will never receive a follow-up response.

Remember, these scammers know that the coronavirus pandemic has caused a lot of financial hardship for families. Like a real ——-, they try to take advantage of whoever wants to, by any means necessary.

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