Factory-Based Network Adds New Streaming App and EVP Production and Development to Fuel Growth in Factory-Based Movements


CHARLOTTE, North Carolina – (BUSINESS WIRE) – The recent investment of vKind in the Plant Based Network (PBNet), a television network and lifestyle and entertainment media company, accelerated the expansion of the PBNet team, led by film industry pioneer Sam Baldoni, as well as the development and launch of a new PBNet TV streaming application.

Sam Baldoni joined PBNet as executive vice president of production and development to lead its entertainment division, which includes TV shows, movies and events. A visionary and marketing producer for the entertainment industry, Sam Baldoni has had a long and successful career. He is considered a founding father of the multi-billion dollar product placement industry, working with all major Hollywood studios, including industry leaders such as Steven Spielberg and Aaron Spelling. Baldoni is also a partner at Wayfarer Entertainment where he and his team have developed and produced groundbreaking and critically acclaimed shows including documentary series Clio, Webby and award-winning documentary series Telly, MY LAST DAYS, currently in season five on the CW.

PBNet also launched its brand new streaming TV app for iOS, Android, Roku TV, Apple TV, and Amazon Fire.

“To reach the rapidly growing audience of consumers interested in a healthier, more sustainable lifestyle, we created an app that would stream fun and entertaining herbal TV shows, movies and events, but without ads. on meat, dairy or medicine, ”said Ronnie“ Tsunami ”Gandiza, co-founder and CEO of PBNet. “Sam is the perfect choice to lead the next phase of growth as we add engaging content that delivers value to viewers and sponsors.”

With the new app, viewers can interact and share their transformation stories, record short videos and submit them via their phone, as well as enter contests and polls.

To help people transition to a plant-based lifestyle, PBNet provides access to additional plant resources through the app to help them on their journey, including transition guides, recipes, podcasts, digital magazines, guides shopping, online courses and the vKind business ecosystem.

About the plant network

Plant Based Network, one of the fastest growing networks according to TVStartup, is a lifestyle and entertainment television and media company that promotes plant-based living to the general public, including omnivores, flexitarians, reducers, vegetarians and vegans. PBNet’s mission is to grow the plant movement by helping people, businesses and organizations be a catalyst for change so that everyone can enjoy better health and a greener planet.

PBNet broadcasts TV shows, movies, events and online courses covering a wide variety of interests including plant / vegan cooking, travel, health, fitness, music, family, education and shopping via the PBNet TV app available for free on iOS, Android, Roku TV, Apple TV and Amazon Fire.

PBNet helps businesses reach mainstream consumers, who are interested in better health and a more sustainable lifestyle, through branding, content development, advertising and marketing, and community feedback. . PBNet also provides a wide range of digital marketing services for plant / vegan entrepreneurs, including website and logo design, SEO and social media management services.

For more information contact Ron Gandiza or visit plantbasednetwork.com.


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