Fly through Calhoun County on Amtrak

With the exception of an airplane, have you ever traveled 110 miles per hour? Most people should honestly say no.

Now you have a chance to do that and see what it feels like to go this fast at ground level. At Amtrak. The state of Michigan is announcing that Amtrak increase the maximum allowable speed on its trains running through Calhoun County and Kalamazoo Counties. The approximately 45-mile stretch between Kalamazoo and Albion on Amtrak’s east-west line across the state opens at a top speed of 110 mph starting next Tuesday.

This does not mean that Amtrak trains will always reach 110 in the region. But with the right conditions, engineers are allowed to ride them.

Lots of track improvements, and trains make that possible. Amtrak Wolverine and Blue Water trains are involved. And in mid-July, Amtrak returns its Wolverine round trip Pontiac – Detroit – Chicago service.

Amtrak has installed numerous safety devices along its track to prevent collisions. But that does mean drivers should also remember that if the doors close, you’re not trying to bypass them. High speed trains seem much quieter on approach than at more normal speeds. Amtrak has even installed fences in some densely populated areas to prevent people from trying to cross the tracks on foot.

Higher speeds can help keep Amtrak trains on schedule. The higher speeds in this area can be used to compensate for delays along other sections of track between Detroit and Chicago.

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