Forestracker Launches StreaAntena Technology to Extend Website Promotion Service

HAWTHORNE, CA / ACCESSWIRE / September 3, 2021 / In recent years, in addition to using the Internet for communication, people also use the Internet for work and shopping. Therefore, many physical stores have gradually transformed to sell goods on the Internet. Forestracker, an online marketing consultancy, understands global trends and launches proprietary StreaAntena technology, connecting various online and social media resources to help promote customer websites, thereby attracting more visitors and traffic.

During the pandemic, social media use increased by 21% and e-commerce revenue also increased by 20%. As people move from face to face communication to online communication, internet business marketing methods and strategies are very important. They need to increase traffic from social media, official websites, and sales pages as there is a chance to generate orders if there is traffic.

Over the past year, Forestracker has used proprietary StreaAntena technology to help more than 120 businesses, 72 celebrities and 40 bloggers create an average traffic growth rate of 52.6%. The growth in traffic also means the website has a higher exposure rate and click-through rate, which positively impacts brand value and SEO. The more traffic and the better the SEO ranking, the easier it is for internet users to search for its brand.

Shannon Smith, Director of Forestracker, said: “E-commerce is booming, especially in Australia, UK, Canada, China, Singapore, South Korea and the US, accounting for around 66 % of global e-commerce. Ecommerce not only exists on corporate websites but also blogs, social media like Facebook, YouTube, Twitter etc., we are committed to driving traffic for our customers on various platforms. ‘

E-commerce is a fiercely competitive battleground. Many people will try to use Google Ads or paid social media advertising to increase brand exposure and increase website traffic, but without years of advertising skills and experience, the results can. be disappointing. Nowadays, more and more businesses are seeking advice and service from professional online marketing companies, in the hope of implementing effective marketing strategies, thereby reducing marketing costs and increasing benefits. advertising.

About Forestracker

Forestracker, an online marketing consulting company located in Hawthorne, California, provides clients with professional online marketing advice and services, including increasing website traffic, optimizing SEO rankings, improving the effectiveness of social media advertising and online video creation.

Company name: Forestracker
Contact Person: Shannon Smith
Email: [email protected]

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