From “Breaking Bad” to “Suits”: 4 shows that celebrate the mentor-protégé relationship


It is undeniable that teachers / mentors are an integral part of society and play an important role in shaping its future. They teach their students important life tips, equipping them with the tools they need to survive in the “big bad world”. On Saturday, as people celebrate Teachers’ Day 2020, here’s a look at four shows that celebrate the connection between a talented “guru” and his sincere student.

Breaking Bad (Walter White, Jesse Pinkman)

One of the few shows that can rival the popularity of the Unforgettable Game of thrones, breaking Bad highlights what happens when an unlucky chemistry professor teams up with a former student to enter the drug business. The series, starring veteran actor Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul, has ruffled some feathers with its bold content and shocking ending. It was followed by a spin-off You better call Saul and a film titled El Camino: A breakthrough film.

Money Heist (Professor, Tokyo)

A worldwide sensation, Money theft enjoys an enviable audience due to its captivating storyline and interesting premises. The bond between the determined “professor” and his troubled follower Tokyo is widely regarded as one of the strengths of the magnum opus.

The United States Office (Michael Scott, Dwight Schrute)

Office revolved around the sweet but fun bond between “boss” Michael Scott and his devoted subordinate Dwight Schrute. The show features several wacky yet touching moments, which have helped it achieve cult status. The series was then adapted into Hindi as a “Hotstar Special” to the delight of fans. The remake received decent reviews and clicked with the target audience.

Costumes (Harvey Specter, Mike Ross)

A captivating legal drama, Suit revolved around the connection between a charismatic lawyer and his talented protégé, who has a shady past. The series featured plenty of captivating footage, which left fans begging for more. The cast includes Gabriel Swann Macht, Patrick J Adams and Meghan Markle. It’s available on Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, and Colors Infinity.


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