Get seen, be heard, get hired in the digital jungle

This special episode of Un-Billable Hour gets to the heart of your business existence: attracting and recruiting new customers in a digital world.

Guest Jason Hennessey of Hennessey Digital built his business by reverse engineering Google’s algorithm. He is a respected leader in law firm marketing and offers valuable advice you can put into practice today.

Learn the basics successful businesses use to climb Google search rankings. Embrace the variables that help them adapt and shape their marketing to reach more potential new customers.

Hennessey’s book, “Law Firm SEO” explains how search engine optimization works and empowers companies when looking to hire a marketer. The book is written for the layman, explaining in plain language the principles of SEO. If you don’t want to do it yourself, at least hold the teams you hire accountable.

Confused between SEO and paid search? It’s about understanding marketing spend and results. Find out what potential customers are looking for and how to attract them.

Plus, information on website features, targeted content strategies, and brand awareness. Attract more leads and convert them into customers.

Special thanks to our sponsors coroner, Alert communications, LawYawand Scorpio.

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