Good connectivity is the key to business growth

Businesses need a good internet.

It sounds like a no-brainer, but it’s a mantra that Richard Conway, Founder and CEO of Pure SEOcredits the continued success and growth of his SEO company.

An Auckland-based digital marketing agency specializing in helping small and medium-sized businesses with SEO, SEM, CRO, social media, content and online advertising, Pure SEO was founded in 2009 “with a computer laptop and a website that looked like a kid built that,” Conway says.

Fast forward from those humble beginnings to the present day, and Pure SEO has grown to include 96 employees across multiple countries, making it the largest SEO agency in New Zealand. In fact, the company was considered one of Deloitte’s 500 fastest growing technology companies in the Asia-Pacific region every year from 2012 to 2018.

What is the secret of such success? Beyond a deep understanding and knowledge of SEO and all things digital – which Conway and his team obviously possess – he would tell you that the key to growing his business quickly is as simple as have good connectivity.

Why a good internet is important

With so much activity online these days, connectivity is essential at all times.

“I have about 70 people in my office in Auckland,” says Conway, who uses Travel Internet for his business broadband. “They are all on the Internet at the same time. We use web crawlers; we run all kinds of really intense stuff. There are constantly large files synced, lots of data and things like that. If our connectivity wasn’t up to snuff, it would make my life a whole lot harder.

When Covid hit, Conway saw firsthand the detrimental effects of poor connectivity on her colleagues as everyone started working from home.

“I am part of organization of entrepreneurs, and when Covid kicked in, we had meetings every week. I was hearing these other business owners talking about the issues with their home internet,” says Conway. “During that time, the Voyager broadband at my house was still working, allowing me to have video calls and everything without any problems. That’s really when I became a big advocate for Voyager because I saw what other people were going through, and I wasn’t going through it myself. Broadband issues are the last thing you need in this situation,” he says.

Connectivity has real business consequences

Coming out of the Covid lockdowns, Conway has a new perspective on being a business owner.

“The world has changed,” he notes. “It’s not just about having a good ISP in your office, it’s also about having it at home. As a business owner, if you have rotten internet at home, it affects everything. »

For Pure SEO, good broadband is also key to sales, as fewer transactions take place in person.

“Our salespeople had moved from face to face – where you can build a relationship – to video calls. I didn’t think there would be a lot of leads closed by video because you can’t build the same relationship. But having a decent internet connection on video calls made the difference as there is nothing worse than making a cold call where someone comes in and out and has to stop the video because the bandwidth is not enough. And that has real business consequences.

Find the right supplier

Conway attributes the success of Pure SEO to having Voyager as a provider, both in his office and at home. “Traveling literally helped our business grow through Covid, and we couldn’t have grown without them. That’s why I can’t speak highly enough of them,” he says.

“We’ve been using Voyager for eight or nine years, both in my office and at home. Before Voyager, we used another provider in the office and had connectivity issues. With so much of our activity online, it was causing a lot of stress. Since the switch to Voyager, the internet just broke it.

Advocacy for New Zealand businesses

Having been in the game since 2002, Conway has a wealth of knowledge and advice to share with Kiwi business owners. In addition to providing high quality digital marketing services, he is also an advocate for individuals and small businesses across the country, lending his time and expertise to multiple organizations.

An organization close to his heart is The David Awardswhich recognize and celebrate the unsung heroes of New Zealand’s small businesses and home businesses.

“Pure SEO won the David Awards in 2013, and it was a pivotal moment for us,” says Conway. “We were nine or ten people at the time, and it really had a huge impact on the company and our employees.” Now Conway is donating his time, technical abilities and funds to help the David Awards grow as a vital board member.

“The David Awards are there to help small and micro businesses, because there’s nothing else for them,” he says. “New Zealand was built on small and micro businesses; that’s where I started, as a one-man band. These are the businesses that need recognition and support, and that’s what the David Awards are for.

You can watch an interview with Richard Conway herewhere he shares insights and thoughts on being a business owner in New Zealand, as well as more valuable thoughts on SEO and the digital landscape.

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