Google search data reveals the hottest careers

A Google report examines search data to uncover the careers people are pursuing after a record number of quits over the past year.

The report begins by pointing out that the “great resignation” is not limited to the United States.

Based on research on “how to quit your job”, the top countries participating in this movement include (in order):

  1. Philippines
  2. South Africa
  3. United States
  4. Australia
  5. UK

In an effort to find out what workers plan to do next, Google analyzed searches around the phrase “how to become,” such as “how to become an SEO.”

Screenshot from, February 2022.

This is just one example, as SEO is not in the top 10 career paths.

Although this might be good news for people currently in the field, as they won’t suddenly be competing with an influx of aspiring research professionals.

The main career paths people are turning to are more traditional, in areas like real estate, skilled trades and utilities.

Here are some highlights from Google’s report.

Top 10 jobs people are looking for according to Google search data

The most sought-after “how to become” jobs – from January 2021 to January 2022 – include:

  1. Real estate agent
  2. Flight attendant
  3. Notary
  4. Therapist
  5. Pilot
  6. Firefighter
  7. Personal trainer
  8. Psychiatrist
  9. physiotherapist
  10. Electrician

Digging deeper into the data, Google pulled out regional trends in the US:

“People in the South and Midwest were interested in becoming a notary (with the exception of several states in Appalachia). Large parts of the Northeast, northern Midwest, and western United States were interested in real estate careers.

Notably, only the most sought after jobs in two states did not include notary, realtor, electrician or pilot: New Mexico, where people were more interested in becoming a flight attendant, and Montana, where people were looking for personal training information over anything else. job.”

In addition to analyzing data for “how to become” search queries, Google also looked at the training program people are looking for to improve their skills.

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Most popular professional certifications and training programs

Here are the most popular professional certifications and training programs in the United States, based on research data from January 2021 to January 2022:

  1. Google Data Analytics Professional Certificate
  2. NCMA Certification
  3. Child Development Associate Certification
  4. Eyelash Technician Training Program
  5. Electrician training program
  6. Real estate training program
  7. Barber training program

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SEO tips for employers

Are you looking for candidates for positions in one of these hottest fields?

You can make it easier to find opportunities by using structured data for job postings.

Google search data reveals the hottest careersScreenshot from, February 2022.

Can candidates apply directly on your website?

If you offer a short and simple application process, you can make your job postings stand out even more.

In addition to the standard structured data for job postings, you can use a special type of markup specifically for posts that offer easy online applications.

Is the work remote? There is also specific structured data for this.

Use structured job posting data with caution, as Google has strict rules about it.

For example, if you are no longer looking for candidates for a position, you should remove the markup from the job posting or your site could be penalized.

Source: google

Featured image: Screenshot from, February 2022.

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