How AI and GPT-3 are changing copywriting with companies like Copy Rocket

The secret is: it isn’t.

If you need to write something, whether it’s an eBook, a landing page, or a full website, creating a ton of unique text can be exhausting and difficult. With the release of GPT-3, there are writing tools that will make it easy for you to generate copies, saving you time and money.

Many of these companies promise a fully-ready blog post in three seconds, but the truth is, these AI-powered writing tools are best for supporting writers, not replacing them. You need humans to filter the results. There are great results generated by AI, but there are also a lot of bad ones.

The AI ​​doesn’t change the writing, it makes it a little more efficient. All AI-generating copy companies are based on GPT-3. It is a technology that generates suggestions by first giving it good examples. It then takes those examples and tries to create a single output as close to the examples as possible. The better the examples that the GPT-3 is powered from, the better the performance. Because it’s such a large model (almost the size of a rodent brain!) And is trained on an incredible amount of data (30% of the entire internet!), It gives surprisingly good results. and unique.

For example, if you were looking for ad text for your product “Bubbler”, you might indicate the description “A new type of sparkling water that contains protein.” Copy Rocket would generate something like this:

“Splashing water is a healthy and refreshing way to stay hydrated, which is essential in your workout routine. “

But it will also generate something like this: “Bubbler creates relaxation, without drinking. “

As you can see, AI produces good ideas and bad ideas. But he does not yet know which are good and which are bad. This is exactly why human contact is always necessary.

AI helps to think with the copywriter, but it does not replace him. Copy Rocket is one of the few companies to embrace this and don’t try to pretend it’s a one-size-fits-all solution, because while the advancements in technology are amazing, writing to connect with other humans has need a human involved in the writing process!

Their approach is to celebrate the partnership between humans and AI. Copy Rocket is a tool that helps with Writer’s Block and feeds the human brain with ideas. The advantage of AI is that it can work 24/7. Machines don’t need food or vacations, and AI is cheap. It’s like having your own creative team generating ideas for you 24/7 that you couldn’t afford before – now it’s possible with Copy Rocket.

The algorithm that Copy Rocket produces is a 100% original copy. He is trained by the best marketers in the world. It’s based on machine learning, not machine writing, which means it learns your product and keeps improving.

Now is your chance to add AI to your brainstorming sessions, try it for free at today!

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