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In India, the penetration in various cities has created a space to grow a business through the online mode. If you can choose the right set of activities, identify the market and develop the product/service accordingly, then you are creating wonders in the market.

In the digital age, every business needs a website. let it be fair to share updates on times or events, websites are a crucial digital tool basis of your business.

The season’s panelists included:

  • Abishek Elango, co-founder, tailor and circus
  • Binal Shah, Co-Founder and CMO, Macmerise Celť e Design
  • Sneha Murli, co-founder, The Positive Store
  • Rishabh Khosla, Business Leader, Freedom Tree

And the session was moderated by Pranav Mahajani, Head, Company Relationships, trica

Talking points

  • Make products accessible to everyone
  • Build a D2C website to get the online business
  • Set up and operate brand website for immediate results (at the top of the search faster results and conversions)

Sneha Murli, co-founder of The Positive Store, spoke about the product and the early days of the brand: “One of the strengths of the brand is the product because it can build customer loyalty. Our first product is called Dream Believe Create. the problem we are trying to solve was actually that our founder was actually questioning the purpose of life after reading personality development and leadership books. All the knowledge collected in the books brought nothing, so we made a simple layout based on best practices based on different books and that helped us. This is how the product was tested in the first step and even today it is one of the bestsellers for us.

Abishek Elango, co-founder, Tailor & Circus also told us about his experience and added: “I think at least for me, I realized that my friends who were in manufacturing made underwear for big companies but don’t want to wear the same underwear. They wore underwear international brands, so I think that was the turning point for me and made me realize that there is a big gap in the perceived quality of Indian- made underwear and most people wore uncomfortable clothes underwear. These two factors excited me and we thought this space had a big potential. »

Rishabh Khosla, Business Leader, Freedom Tree added here, “When we started as a studio shop, the design studio was located at the top of the studio. We used to make sure every product is sold through the shop. After a few years we opened with an online presence, the journey was organic overall and the strategy worked for us. For our client, we had to adopt an omnichannel model because we wanted to be available for the woman who also works at 11 p.m., when she has free time. On the contrary, we should have some kind of contact point in which we can provide a experience to our customers.

He added and said, “The website is key to our survival in the pandemic. when lockdown was imposed, and by using it, we could reach everyone. Social media channels like Instagram have helped people discover our brand and provided us with ideas on where to build a store. Creation of a The omnichannel ecosystem strengthens customer lifetime. »

Supply chain management can present innovative strategies and best practices to improve business performance. It can also introduce a unique MIT framework, using the technology clock concept speed, to strategically manage and optimize supply chains. Sneha here added “We haven’t encountered any supply chain issues as most of them are through Amazon Warehouses and we haven’t reached the point we’re facing supply chain issues, because we have an internal supply chain where the person packs and ensures the logistics operation. In the product range growth, the supply chain is definitely a concern.

In internet marketing, search engine optimization (SEO) is often used to improve search engine exposure and to increase web page or website traffic. Frequently used SEO techniques include content optimization and keywords optimization, as well as increasing the page loading speed, which can possibly generate high revenue for the business. Rishabh Khosla, Business Head, Freedom Tree said of this: “As we have a long tail of products in several categories, we choose the Shopify platform because it is highly optimized for the type of catalog and also hired an agency that makes our Internal digital marketing and leads our projects and manages all of that. From experience, we can’t overspend on pay channels on Facebook and Google unless you have a strong enough SEO presence as this will throw things off balance and the paid traffic will eventually convert in unwanted traffic.

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