How to connect your Oculus Quest 2 to a PC

Quick steps

  • Download the PC Quest 2 app
  • Purchase a link cable (optional)
  • Follow the Quest app login instructions

While the Oculus Quest 2 (now Meta Quest 2) has an incredible selection of games you can play on the standalone device, some of the best VR games are exclusive to the PC.

Fortunately, there are several ways to connect your Quest 2 headset to a computer so you can take advantage of all that PC VR has to offer. Also, any of these options won’t require you to buy any gear, so you can try it out right away.

Here’s how to connect your Oculus Quest 2 to a PC.

  • Oculus PC app
  • A PC with a USB 3 port (optional)
  • Oculus Link cable (optional)


  • Download the Oculus PC app of Oculus website. Once downloaded, install the program, open it and follow the on-screen instructions to log in using the account associated with your Quest 2 headset.
  • Use an Oculus Link cable to connect your Quest headset to your PC. When using the Quest PC app, select “Devices” from the menu on the left side, then tap “Add Headset” if you don’t already have one connected.

Oculus Quest 2 PC app, with an arrow pointing to Devices

Here’s where to find “devices” in the Oculus Quest 2 PC app (Image credit: future)

From there, tap Quest 2 > Continue > Link (cable) > Continue to get to the “Connect Your Headset” screen. This is where you then plug the Link cable into your PC and your Quest 2 headset. The app should then detect that your device is connected. A green check mark will appear and the “Continue” button on this screen will light up.

An arrow pointing to Link (Cable) in the PC application

Select Link (cable) to connect your Quest 2 using a wired connection (Image credit: future)

Your Oculus Quest 2 headset is now connected to your PC. It’s time to go and enjoy these PC VR games.

  • You can also use Quest 2’s Air Link feature. Open the Quest PC app, select “Devices” from the left menu, then select “Add Headset” – just like you do with a link cable.

An arrow pointing to Air Link (Wireless) in the PC application

Select Air Link (Wireless) to connect your Quest 2 using a wireless connection (Image credit: future)

But this time, choose Air Link (wireless). The next screen will ask you to access the experimental features of your Quest 2 in the settings. These features are not as dangerous as their name suggests. Rather, think of them as features that are still in beta testing – they aren’t fully optimized yet and may cause performance hits when using them, but they don’t break anything.

Experimental Features option is lit blue in Quest Settings 2

Where to find the Experimental Features option in your Oculus Quest 2 Settings (Image credit: future)

Once you’ve enabled Air Link in your Quest 2 headset, go back to your main settings and open the new Air Link option to see a list of nearby PCs. Tap on your PC and check if the code on your headset and the PC screen match.

If so, put the headset back on and tap “Confirm” to complete pairing the devices.

Final Thoughts

Here, you have the choice between a wired or wireless PC connection, and it will come down to your personal preference to decide which is best for you.

If you’re looking for the most stable connection possible, the link cable is your best bet. The wired connection is fast and will not be affected by your Wi-Fi speed.

There are some downsides to using the cable though – you have to spend more on an accessory and it takes away from the freedom afforded by the Quest 2’s all-in-one design. Opting for Air Link may get around these issues, but it’s not viable only if you have a solid Wi-Fi connection.

We managed to use Air Link in our tests, but it can get a little jerky (and smelly) if other people need to use Wi-Fi while you’re in VR.

There are rumors that Meta is developing a wireless version of its Link Cable that will directly pair your PC and Quest headset, but we’ll have to wait and see what happens.

For now, it’s time to enjoy your new PC-connected Quest 2 and get back to playing the best Quest 2 games.

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