How to register for the beta

Players who want to sign up for Killer Klowns from Outer Space: The Game Beta can find the information they need in this guide.

Killer Klowns of Outer Space: The Game is an upcoming asymmetrical horror game, and it’s now possible to sign up for its beta. While signing up doesn’t guarantee a player will ultimately have access to the beta, fans who want to try out the title before release should still take this opportunity. This guide is here to walk players through this process and help them register for the Killer Klowns of Outer Space: The Game beta.

How to Sign Up for Killer Klowns from Outer Space: The Game Beta

Players interested in participating in the beta for Killer Klowns of Outer Space: The Game should direct their attention to the game’s official site. Upon arriving at this site, fans should direct their attention to the upper right corner, where they will see the words “Sign up for Beta”. Clicking on these words will open a new page and players need to click “Apply Now” at the bottom.


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Fans now have to complete a questionnaire that will address things like their location, favorite video game genres, and more. At the end of this questionnaire, players will receive an indication that they have completed the application and that a confirmation email will reach them in the “near future” if they are selected to participate in the beta. While some KKFOS fans may have been hoping to receive a more accurate timeline during this part of the process, it’s reasonable to expect the beta to begin within the next few months.

This expectation is based on the fact that Killer Klowns of Outer Space: The Game should be released in “early 2023”. This means that if changes based on beta feedback are to be made, testing will need to happen fairly quickly. It also means that fans of multiplayer games who don’t get an invite to the beta shouldn’t be too disappointed, as they’ll have the opportunity to play the full game in just a few months.

While the players wait Killer Klowns from Outer SpaceFor starters, they might want to consider joining the game’s official Discord server. Fans will find a link to this server when they reach the end of the beta, and it has nearly 11,000 members at the time of writing. Players may also want to hang out with other asymmetrical horror games and hone their multiplayer skills before this one comes out.

Killer Klowns of Outer Space: The Game is set to release on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X in early 2023.

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