How to solve the Thursday May 19 puzzle

wordle is the now free viral pun The New York Times website.

The object of the game is deceptively simple, with wordle requiring players to come up with a five-letter word in six guesses or less.

To familiarise with wordle involves paying close attention to the color of the tiles after each attempt to guess the answer.

If a box turns gray, the corresponding letter does not appear in the word to guess.

But if the chosen letter is included in the word and not in the correct position, the tile turns yellow.

And if the tile turns green, the letter is both in the word and in exactly the right position.

The site also tracks each player’s performance, storing the number of attempts used for each puzzle and the correct answers obtained, including the winning streak.

Rebecca Nicholson, senior digital PR manager for digital marketing agency The Audit Lab, thinks the game helps her in her job.

She said Newsweek: “I work in content and PR, so puns are my thing. Add to that my competitive personality and you become a big fan of wordle here.

“It’s great to come into work and see who has the word of the day, and find out if you beat them with the number of tries it took to get it. I love quizzes, puzzles and word games as you learn quickly in a fun way.

“Puns are great for expanding vocabulary and in writing/content it helps a lot, so there is a method for the fun madness!”

Spoiler alert: the response to May 19 wordle #334 is at the end of this article, so be careful when scrolling down.

Origins of the “World”

Passionate about all things puzzles, Josh Wardle invented the online game wordle with his partner Palak Shah.

wordle is a labor of love, as its development began around 10 years ago, with the pair completing the project in their spare time during lockdown.

The game, a pun on Wardle’s last name, was only released to the public last year, and it didn’t take long for wordle to integrate into the daily lives of many people around the world.

wordle was at one time played by over 45 million people every day and inspired a multitude of other puzzles, from game based on country outlines, Worldto his mathematical cousin Nerdle.

The graph from Statista below shows how popular the game has become in such a short time, especially in the last few months.

Wordle #334: The game was invented by engineer Josh Wardle as a gift for his puzzle-loving partner

‘Wordle’ #334 — Four tips for Thursday, May 19, 2022

Players can tackle the May 19 resolution wordle #334 Answer the following tips and tricks.

Tip #1: This five-letter answer includes a single vowel sitting at or near the center.

Tip #2: Today wordle word has two identical letters sitting side by side, a feature that can notoriously throw even the most seasoned fan of the puzzle at times.

Tip #3: Merriam-Webster Dictionary has wordle The primary definition of #334 is: “A pair of lenses secured in a frame that is held in place with ear mounts and is usually worn to correct vision.”

Tip #4: The American dictionary also defines the answer to wordle #334 as: “A smooth or polished surface which forms images by reflection.”

‘Wordle’ #334 Answer for Thursday, May 19, 2022

The answer to wordle Thursday, May 19, it’s “Glass”.

wordle will refresh each day at 7 p.m. ET (4 p.m. PT), with another new puzzle available for puzzle lovers.

wordle fans who want something more while waiting for another daily puzzle can try some of the following word-based puzzles HERE.

Woman Playing Wordle On Her Phone
Wordle #334: You must pay close attention to the color of the tiles after each guess to solve the puzzle for Thursday, May 19

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