How to Start a Graphic Design Business and Save Six Figures of Income

  • Alyssa Nguyen started a graphic design business in 2020 to earn extra money and occupy her free time.
  • Last year, she recorded nearly $170,000 in revenue helping clients create brand identities.
  • Nguyen shared the 10 tools graphic designers should use in their business.

At the start of 2020, Alyssa Nguyen was freshman in college and looking forward to her upcoming marketing internship. But when the pandemic hit the United States, she found herself out of work and with an abundance of free time.

At the end of the year, she launched an eponymous business that tapped into her background in graphic design. Alyssa Nguyen Design helps clients create brand identities, develop social strategies and create content. Last year, it posted just under $170,000 in revenue, which Insider verified with documentation.

Entirely self-taught, Nguyen spent his early months in the business learning graphic design skills to keep up with its rapid growth. Her services and skills have grown exponentially since the start of her career, she said.

Many companies have cut their marketing budgets amid the pandemic, but Nguyen has found additional revenue streams by offering clients advice on brand identity development and web design.

She spoke with Insider about the tools she uses to run her business and thinks all designers should learn when starting their own business.

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