How Ubisoft Repeatedly Fails To Make A Successful Live Service Game

Ubisoft doesn’t seem to have a thriving love affair with live games. The company’s latest attempt, titled Roller Champions, would be shut down after the end of the third season. That’s according to Jeff Grub, and if true, it will be yet another name in the long history of failed attempts to establish a successful live service game.

Ubisoft isn’t in a particularly good spot, and it looks like 2022 just keeps getting worse for them. Roller Champions was a recent release, to begin with, so news of it closing so soon won’t bode well.

As the number of failed projects continues to pile up, Ubisoft finds itself in an even more difficult future. There have already been rumors that he is on the hunt for a potential takeover which has yet to materialize. The main reason was said to be the bad financial situation, and the poor performance of another game is sure to make it worse.

Ubisoft’s sad ordeal with live games continues with Roller Champions shutdown rumors

The latest news came from the Xbox Era podcast, where Jeff Grub broke the sad news. For starters, this will come as a surprise to many because Roller Champions isn’t an old game. Unfortunately, it seems the version isn’t working as well as its publishers expected.

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Unfortunately, Roller Champions is not an isolated case and adds to the long list. The sad saga began with Hyper Scape, which was released at a peak time for Battle Royale games. It was supposed to be a live game, and Ubisoft was pretty ambitious.

Unfortunately, the game never really gained popularity after the beta testing phase. While games like Apex Legends, PUBG, and even Fall Guys flourished, Hyper Scape lost popularity and finally shut down in April 2022.

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The problem isn’t just with the released products, as some of the other live games that are coming seem to be in choppy waters already. Skull and Bones is said to have been in development for nine years. It could be an amazing game, given the genre and relatively less competition.

However, every preview of the game has felt extremely superficial. It’s still a bit too early to rule out the game, but in modern games first impressions are quite important. Sea of ​​Thieves has already made a name for itself, and dethroning it won’t be as easy as it is.

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The Division became the biggest video game intellectual property in 2016 when the first game was released. The second game continued on the first path when Ubisoft announced The Division Heartland. While the base universe will be the same, Heartland will be a free experience.

Unfortunately, it will also compete in a market saturated with competition. The first two may have been premium options, but players were happy with them. There are players to this day who are actively playing The Division 2 which can be termed as live service. Most fans think Heartland won’t be good enough to compete with popular products like Destiny 2.

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The story of xDefiant is quite a story in itself. For some strange reason, the company decided to put Tom Clancy’s name on it, only to later drop it. It was a follow-up to poor reception as fans didn’t understand the need for it.

xDefiant continues to be in development, but has already garnered a lot of bad PR from fans. The decision to include and remove Tom Clancy’s name smacks of indecision and could be restrictive for his live performances. There is still a lot of confusion as to what the game will ultimately look and play.

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While the Ghost Recon Frontlines website is still live, there have been rumors that the game is one of the canceled projects. It will be another disaster for the company in its long list of live games.

We don’t know exactly what the problem is. Each of these projects had their share of flaws, but the big finger will be pointed at Ubisoft and its execution. While some of the projects mentioned above have yet to be released, fans are hoping their apprehensions have proven wrong.

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