How you can try and download official Android apps from APKMirror

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Check how you can try and download official Android apps from APKMirror

If you are among the few who like to try new features and apps before others, you can do so by downloading apps from certain websites that have an officially licensed version of the updated apps. You also have the option to enter the beta test program on the Google Playstore, but this is not always available. is one such website that helps you download officially licensed apps. It is a highly organized community.

APKMirror allows popular apps that deploy slowly and are not yet available to you to be downloaded and installed earlier. It helps you bypass geo-restrictions and download popular apps that might not be available in your country otherwise.

It also provides an archive of popular apps, along with change logs and descriptions, so you can roll back to a previous version if a new one starts to fail or removes features you love.

You can also use the file for research purposes, such as comparing changes from one version to another.

To test new apps, you must first visit the APKmirror website and search for your app.

Apps downloaded and installed from APKMirror can also be updated later through the Google Play Store.

Take for example the case of WhatsApp. Here we will download and upload WhatsApp in its latest version. The process will also be the same for the rest of the applications. (Note: Please be informed which app you are testing, some beta apps may have new functions, but also bugs and performance issues)

Step 1

If you check the play store and app information about the current app, the installed version is

2nd step

You will see the APKmirror web page

In the search bar at the top, enter and search for the desired app. In this case, we will search for WhatsApp and press Enter.

You will see a list of results for WhatsApp for Business and WhatsApp Messenger

If you take a good look, you can see that the latest beta version of WhatsApp Messenger is available, we can try to install this one.

Step 3

Click on WhatsApp Messenger beta

You will be redirected to the main page of the application, where you can see the version of the application, its category.

You can also check the new changes in the What’s New and Description section.

Scroll down and select the option “SEE AVAILABLE DOWNLOAD” and click on it

You will arrive on a page where the different variants, DPI and architectures are listed.

The variant is the type of processor your phone uses, which is mostly arm64-v8a nowadays.

The version indicates the minimum version of Android that the application supports, in this case, it displays at least Android version 4.1 and above

The DPI (dots per inch) value, which looks like the density of your device’s screen. 720p and Full HD displays are typically 480 dpi and 2K and 4K devices can go up to 640 dpi.

If there is no exact match, choose the APK with higher DPI than your device, if available. Otherwise, you will probably get away with a slightly lower DPI.

Some apps like this have nodpi, which is universal and works for everyone.

Golden rule: when in doubt, opt for nodpi.

The current device is a Redmi K20 Pro, so we will select the arm64-v8a, nodpi version

Step 4

Download the selected file, wait

Once the download is complete, simply choose to overwrite the file and download it, complete the installation and you’re good to go. You are in the current latest version of WhatsApp Beta.

Final words: how you can try and download official Android apps from APKMirror

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