IIT-Kanpur to Design Maha Kumbh-2025 Website

For visitors planning to attend Maha Kumbh-2025 which would be held on the sandy shores of Sangam, an upcoming Prayagraj Mela Authority website would provide all the information and help them plan their trip at the click of a mouse.

As part of its plan to organize Maha Kumbh-2025 in a grand way as planned by the state government, the Authority of Prayagraj Mela has started its preparations in earnest. Among several other major works and projects, officials have approached experts from IIT-Kanpur for the design of a dedicated website for religious fairs, officials aware of the development say.

“We have approached experts from IIT Kanpur to develop the website as we are striving that by the end of this month the process of booking boats online through it should commence. The website and the facilities available through it would be expanded in phases,” said Arvind Singh Chauhan, Vice Chairman of Prayagraj Development Authority (PDA) and also Mela Adhikari.

He said gradually, information and facilities for Maha Kumbh-2025 will also be uploaded to the website. During the 13th Board Meeting of Prayagraj Mela held recently, it was decided that booking of various amenities in religious fairs and Sangam area should be done online.

Following this decision, experts from IIT Kanpur were contacted by the mela authorities. Among these conveniences, the most important would concern the online reservation of boats. The website is said to contain encrypted information on all boats sailing in Sangam waters. As the information related to these boats will be available in one place, one will be able to make the reservation through the option offered on the web page by making an online payment for the date and duration for which they must reserve the boat in addition to time. at which they want the boat on the given site.

In the third phase of website-related preparations, this page will be developed for Maha Kumbh 2025. Officials say that by then, the status of works and events to be held during Maha Kumbh 2025 will also become clear.

On this website, information about the specialty of the fair area, the religious significance of the fair, the facilities offered, the telephone number of Prayagraj Mela Authority officers and other officials would all become available. In addition, visitors will also be able to submit their complaints regarding any problem related to the facilities in the mela area through this website.

CAPTION: Visitors enjoying a boat ride in Sangam. (Photo HT file)

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