India obtains its first cutting-edge B2B investment and insurance gateway with the launch of 1SilverBullet

Founded by a seasoned entrepreneur and angel investor Milan ganatra, this advanced one-stop-shop and API-secured platform will become the next pioneering solution introduced in the FinTech space

Mumbai, India, December 9, 2021 / PRNewswire / – 1SilverBullet, aofhissort of transformational financial B2B gateway for three verticals within the financial services space: investments, insurance and loans, launched today. A startup born out of COVID, 1SilverBullet was introduced after 3 months of beta testing, with the aim of democratizing and streamlining workflows through technology. Serving as a fully digitalized single point of contact protocol connecting investors and financial institutions, this revolutionary platform was founded by a serial entrepreneur, an angel investor and the former CEO of Miles Software – Milan ganatra.

For years, the investment space in India was a congested network of advisers, intermediaries, as well as insurance agents. All of this resulted in excessive documentation and disjointed Infrastructure. Recognizing the need for a more secure workflow, 1SilverBullet was designed as a comprehensive, technology-integrated platform for investors seeking reliable, transparent and efficient transactions. Functioning primarily as a B2B gateway infrastructure, this imaginative solution will build networks that will allow businesses to communicate with manufacturers of financial products through an API. Ultimately, enable these firms to provide investor friendly experiences with smart tools to successfully facilitate transfers of investment products such as AIFs, MFs, PMSs and similar options.

With operations beginning at an early stage in March 2021, the company has already had a good start with 12 major customers on board so far; including Marcellus and Abakkus, all of which are major asset management companies. With over 30 new clients onboarding over the next two months, 1SilverBullet’s reach will encompass nearly a third of the nation’s top PMS vendors.

Commenting on the launch, Mr. Milan ganatra, Founder and CEO of 1SilverBullet said: Entrepreneurship has always been my calling and 1SilverBullet was my next big dive after Miles Software. In fact, the idea behind 1SilverBullet came to me a long time ago when I was there. In my dual role as technology provider and investor, I have witnessed a break in the chain of communication. Heavily dependent on written records, this network did more harm than good and, in some cases,; even presenting itself as a deterrent to potential investors. A solution was needed to bridge the gap.

“My extensive experience in the financial products and services industry has given me a vision and insight into what a company like 1SilverBullet could become. The goal is to establish the company as a premier non-financial gateway. only in India, but also in other Asian countries, with the aim of achieving a topline of at least $ 200 million in the next 5 years. So far, with a team of dynamic young minds led by incredibly seasoned voices, we seem to be on track to achieve our bold goals.,he added.

Self-funded by Milan ganatra itself, the company plans to expand its verticals to other avenues that include travel, transportation and more, as a next step after building a sustainable user base. The company plans to launch a fundraiser towards the end of the year.

About 1SilverBullet

1SilverBullet aims to democratize workflows through technology by empowering businesses to create great customer experiences, developer-friendly infrastructure, and smart tools that empower everyone to create amazing products that solve big problems. 1SilverBullet began building technical infrastructure APIs that connect customers, traditional financial institutions, and developers by creating a secure and reliable data flow layer using Blockchain technologies for business participation and scalability. ‘industry.

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